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Year 13 Study Leave for Senior NCEA Examinations


Thursday November 1, 2018
Friday November 30, 2018
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Year 13

Following the recent Senior Award ceremonies, Year 11 to 13 students are on study leave in preparation for the upcoming NCEA external examinations commencing Wednesday 7 November.

It is imperative students maintain a disciplined programme of study during this period. Students on site during study leave and during examinations are expected to be in full uniform at all times. Normal school expectations of behaviour apply during this period. Students on study leave should not be in Botany Town Centre during school hours. Study Leave is a privilege which can be withdrawn.

2018 NCEA and Scholarship Examination Timetable .pdf

View timetable on your smartphone at: timetable.nzqa.govt.nz

All NCEA (levels 1 – 3) and New Zealand Scholarship examination sessions are three hours.

All exam sessions start at either 9:30 am or 2:00 pm.

More info

For more information refer to Examinations.

Any student unable to sit their external examination due to ill health must notify the school by contacting the Principal’s Nominee – information listed below:
Derived Grades over NZQA examination period? What will be considered?

Derived grades are for exam candidates who, just before or during the examinations, suffer:
· a temporary illness,
· trauma ( ie. a deeply distressing or disturbing experience) or misadventure (i.e. an event beyond their control)
· another serious event.

Candidates should sit the examination where-ever possible. Candidates who sit the examination but believe that their preparation or performance was impaired or were unable to sit the examination should apply for a derived grade.

Applications must refer to events of a medical or non-medical nature that:
· have clearly had an effect on the candidate during the examination
· Stopped the candidate from attending the examination. You must get a medical certificate on that day.

What won’t be considered?

The temporary illness, trauma or other serious event must be of a significant nature. Applications will not be granted on grounds such as:
· minor ailments
· stress due to examinations
· parents being on holiday
· day-to-day family disturbances
· Death or euthanasia of a pet.

What about long-term conditions?

The following conditions alone are not acceptable grounds for a derived grade application:
· long-term and ongoing illnesses and conditions (e.g. concussion, physical disability, anxiety, epilepsy, depression, anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders)
· chronic relapsing conditions (e.g., glandular fever, ME)
· Ongoing personal trauma.

These conditions are usually managed through conditions and/or modifying the candidate’s assessment programme. However, where there is a sudden change in a managed chronic condition/illness that is documented by a medical professional, and the candidate believes they are unable to perform on the day of the examination as well as they usually have, NZQA will consider an application.

For example, a change in medication might cause a documented and observable change in the way that a chronic condition/illness is managed and have a clear and observable effect on the candidate. In such a case, the impairment is seen as temporary and if a registered professional is willing to support an application, NZQA will consider it.

What has to be provided?

Independent professional evidence is required confirming the temporary illness, trauma or other serious event that affected the candidate’s preparation, performance or attendance on the day of the examination, was beyond their control, and/or made it impossible for them to sit the examination.
For events occurring in the period immediately prior to the examination, the candidate must clearly demonstrate that effective preparation was not possible in the week before the examination and provide evidence that they were under continuous and well-documented care by a registered professional.

Contact the school

Please contact c.williams@bdsc.school.nz (Principal’s Nominee) or phone her directly on 273 2310 ext. 323 to discuss further. An application form for a derived grade can be picked up from Mrs S Clark outside the Deputy Principals offices.

Term 1: Between 28 Jan (at the earliest); and 7 Feb (at the latest)* – 12 Apr
*Staggered start dates apply for Term 1. Course confirmation for Y12-13 on 24 Jan. 
Term 2: 29 Apr – 5 Jul
Term 3: 22 Jul – 27 Sep
Term 4: 14 Oct – 13 Dec

(excludes Netball and Rugby) See below…

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