Parent/Guardian Handbook

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AttendanceLEARN MORE 

Guidance and CounsellingLEARN MORE 

Student referral for yourself or someone else
(if you are concerned about one of your peers)

Gateway Work Experience ProgrammeLEARN MORE 

Transport and TrafficLEARN MORE 

Register your vehicle:

Code of Conduct

CybersafetyLEARN MORE 

Child Protection

Your InvolvementLEARN MORE 

Add your name to the Family and Friends contact list by contacting our receptionist Mrs Yvonne De Graaf,   273-2310 ext. #495


StationeryLEARN MORE 

Requirements for each year level:

Senior Examinations

NCEA ExaminationsLEARN MORE 


Key Information:

Subject InformationLEARN MORE 

Option Books:

Option Selection:

Forms will be available through our Parent/Student Web Portal

Choose the Year Level you will be in 2019.

The ‘Restricted Options’ document provides a summary of subject exclusions at all levels.


Applications for 2019 have closed.
We offer quality education to further develop future sports leaders and regional national representatives. Young sportspeople who have proven themselves in their chosen sport may apply.

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