Job Vacancies

We welcome enquiries from teaching and administration staff seeking a position at our college. As positions become available, they will be listed below with the position and requirements.

Our professional and highly motivated staff provide intellectual challenge through quality teaching and learning programmes within a safe, supportive environment. Botany Downs Secondary College is committed to building strong future prospects for our students, the citizens and leaders of tomorrow. It is our belief that all students have a potential well beyond the levels of current performance and we wish to work with them to develop their wider range of talents, skills and abilities. We hope students themselves will develop a passion for learning.

Our college has systems in place designed to support the career development of all our staff, including mentoring and training programmes.

The Learning Areas are well-resourced and enjoy a collaborative team approach. As a whanau-based school, oversight of learning progress and personal development of students is an important element of providing an excellent learning environment.

Botany Downs Secondary College is a modern, innovative school. Staff are expected to have sound ICT skills and be prepared to participate in the Mentoring, and Co-curricular programmes.

Commitment to our vision, philosophy and co-curricular life of the college is a condition of employment.


* Required

Completed applications are to be addressed to the Principal's PA, Mrs T Horsford and received at Botany Downs Secondary College, 575 Chapel Road, Howick, Auckland 2016 or emailed to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Support Staff applicants to be addressed to the Business Manager.


Please complete the following documents as applicable:


Classroom Teacher

Information for Applicants .doc

* Job Application Form .doc

Generic Job Description .pdf


Middle Management (DP, HOLA, HOD, TIC)
Information for Applicants .doc
* Job Application Form .doc
* Positions of Responsibility .doc
* Referee Request .doc


Support Staff
Information for Applicants .doc
* Job Application Form .doc



There are currently three opportunities...

We want inspiring energetic, collaborative student-focused teachers, with an awareness of current educational practice, who enjoy mentoring and developing young people. A decile 9 Microsoft Global Showcase College with modern facilities located in East Auckland. Co-curricular involvement expected.

Please download and complete the relevant application documentation.


High Performance Sports Trainer

Part Time

The successful applicant will be asked to perform four afternoon shifts from 3:30 and two mornings at 7am for 90 minutes.

Knowledge and experiences required:

  • Core Functional Movement Pattern screening and corrective training
  • Sprint training
  • Weight training for power
  • Overall sport conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Visualisation

As the BDSC programme is unique amongst NZ secondary schools, comprehensive training will be provided.

Applications to include a covering letter and Curriculum Vitae and emailed to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications close on Monday 22 May 2017 at 9am


Deputy Principal

Full Time, Permanent 7 SUs

Two positions.

Due to restructure and expansion of our senior leadership team, we are seeking two educational leaders with experience in pastoral care systems and curriculum knowledge and design. We are looking for passionate people with excellent leadership, organisational, managerial, interpersonal and communication skills, and a sense of humour. This co-educational, modern learning organisation offers a vibrant, innovative, and highly successful environment. State specialist subjects please.

We are seeking leaders with a vision, energy, an unrelenting focus on student achievement and the ability to support the strategic and professional leadership of the college

Applications close on Friday 12 May 2017 at 4pm


The appointee will demonstrate/possess a high proportion of the following qualities and skills:


Educational Philosophy

  • Hold and articulate a philosophy of education which is consistent with the philosophy, vision, mission, values and leadership expectations of Botany Downs Secondary College.
  • A belief in, and commitment to co-education.
  • A focus on metacognitive thinking, learning and teaching skills and education organisation and practice which supports them.
  • A belief in the worth of every individual and a commitment to enabling each person to achieve their potential.

Professional [an appropriately qualified, trained, registered teacher]

  • Proven success as an excellent teacher, leader, ‘middle’ manager with specific responsibilities.
  • Professional integrity, loyalty, commitment, enthusiasm, optimism, flexibility.
  • Strong communication, inter-personal, planning and administrative skills; self-awareness, self-confidence, empathy.
  • Self-managing, socially aware, skilled in relationship management.
  • Willing to keep up-to-date with reading, professional developments and be knowledgeable about current ‘best practice’.
  • Ambition - aiming for a principalship in the future. This position a stepping-stone towards that goal.
  • Must have skills and experience associated with a majority of the following:
    • Curriculum planning and development, assessment and reporting
    • Timetabling, scheduling
    • Pastoral care networks
    • Middle management
    • Finance/budgeting
    • Professional learning and performance appraisal
    • Pedagogical upskilling
    • I.C.T.
    • Student-centred initiatives
    • Change management
    • Tracking and monitoring student progress and achievement
    • Community/school involvement in cultural, sporting or service activities


  • Able to employ a variety of appropriate leadership skills/styles utilising sound communication/inter-personal skills and strategies to achieve excellent understanding, co-operation/collaboration, consensus and commitment.
  • Able to make hard decisions in a timely fashion on the basis of adequate information, sound judgement and in accordance with school policy, practice, guidelines and the best overall interests of the College community.
  • Able to delegate appropriately and effectively.
  • Able to be an effective motivator, problem solver, initiator, innovator.
  • Leads by example and inspiration; consistently displays personal and professional integrity.
  • Aspires to professional excellence.


  • Must possess an understanding of and empathy (sensitivity) towards other (non-European) cultures.
  • Understand the place in New Zealand society of the ‘tangata whenua’ and the educational implications of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Personal Qualities

The appointee should be:

  • a person of high personal and professional integrity, commitment and loyalty.
  • self-motivated; hard-working, responsive to phases of intense workload.
  • healthy, fit, energetic, enthusiastic, determined, achievement-oriented, confident, inspirational; a strong role model, leads by example.
  • responsible, reliable, consistent, approachable, empathetic, even-tempered, personable, flexible, firm and fair.
  • an incisive, clear, lateral thinker, creative, problem-solver, innovative.
  • a good team member, team-builder, encouraging, supportive, fair-minded, just; able to gain respect from staff, students and community.
  • able to maintain a good sense of humour.
  • able to achieve a reasonable balance between personal/family life and professional commitments.