Trades Academy Programme

The partnership between BCSC and Manukau Institute of Technology in the form of Trades Academy is now in its fifth year. The Trades Academy experience available in Year 12 can give students a real edge in the real world. Many students are now taking confident strides towards establishing an apprenticeship in their chosen area, where they are in demand.

Trades Academy Programme Manager: Ms Katherine Stewart, ext. #355

MIT has industry level equipment and expert tutors in all their classes. The students attend MIT on a Friday between 9:00am and 3:00pm. The BDSC students enjoy a tertiary level experience and are treated as young adult learners. The courses are highly engaging with practical, hands-on tasks that build up student knowledge and skills in automotive, carpentry or horticulture. There is also book work, providing opportunities for credits. This combination of learning can potentially provide up to 30 credits towards their Level 2 NCEA.

The majority of Trades Academy students successfully pathway into apprenticeships, or further training in their chosen vocation at tertiary level.  Other students can use their valuable Trades Academy  hands–on experience to complement their academic studies, in areas such as engineering and technology.

Students are carefully selected for the programme as there are limited spaces. This is by choosing ONE subject option of Level 2 Building Skills or by taking Level 2 Engineering Skills.   If a student is keen on a trades vocational pathway, other subjects such as English, Maths and Science (with Physics) are highly recommended. The student then has the flexibility of choice regarding a specific vocational pathway so they can potentially meet prerequisites for tertiary level courses or for an apprenticeship.

This programme continues to deliver great outcomes for all the students that participate in it. Students view it the Trades Academy experience as relevant and inspiring towards their goal setting for their future.  With the right attitude and aptitude, these students have the potential to pick and choose from the fantastic trades opportunities that are currently in NZ and globally.

Interested in Trades Academy?

Check the prerequisites for the 2BSS and 2ESS subjects, which are listed in the Option Selection Handbook.

Students can select either 2BSS or 2ESS as an option for next year, if they meet the subject prerequisites. Then a panel from the Technology department, Vocational Pathways Manager and the SLT Line Manager approve of that option selection for each student for the following year.

If students are interested in finding out more about Trades Academy, they are welcome to make an appointment with Ms Stewart to discuss it as an option.

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