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End-of-Year Reports for Year 11 and 12


Monday November 7
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General, Curriculum
Class years:
Year 11, Year 12

Reports will be published to the Web Portal. These reports include key competency grades from each subject teacher.

There are three ‘reports’ that will be available for download from the Web Portal – Interim, Mid-Year, and End-of-Year.

Parents receive an email alerting when these formal reports have been published.

Dates for 2022 are…

Reporting to parents is an important way that the College helps support student progress and achievement. Reporting to parents involves informing parents of assessment data and other information that allows parents to engage with the student and the College. As explained in the Parent-Guardian Handbook, BDSC is committed to providing opportunities to share information, rather than have a one-way reporting process. Ideally, there is an ongoing and shared conversation about progress and how we can further support learning together. We appreciate the commitment of parents in the education of their children and their attendance at conferences.

While reporting to parents is covered in the Parent-Guardian Handbook, below is a summary of the other ways we report progress and achievement.

Years 11-13: Mentors will meet with each student and their parent/caregiver(s) for approximately 10-15 minutes to clarify the course that is being completed and how it meets potential career pathways, goals for the coming year, expected challenges and what needs have been identified based on previous results or other information that may be shared. Please share any relevant and updated information you have with the mentor.

Years 9 and 10: Opportunities to meet the subject teachers and discuss common questions that parents may have, along with sharing information about individual needs.


Results from subject assessments and NCEA internal assessments are updated on the Web Portal. Teachers provide feedback to students in class and on their work and may provide comments on the Web Portal to explain grades. Ongoing formative comments from teachers to students are intended to promote further student learning. You are invited to contact subject teachers, mentors or tutors, or whanau leaders by email or phone whenever you have a query about progress. Refer to our Staff Directory.

From Term 2 we also send updates on progress towards NCEA for Years 11 to 13 students.


In Term 2, Wednesday 8 June and Thursday 16 June, we will have Student-led Conferences for Years 11 to 13 and Targeted Conferences for Years 9 and 10 students.

For more information, please refer to the Parent-Guardian Handbook.

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