A message from our 2018 Head Students

22 Mar 2018

Alex Taylor, Head Boy
Tabarek Al-Jebouri, Head Girl

Jordan See and James Burnett, Deputy Head Boys
Celine Dam and Jaimie Lee, Deputy Head Girls

The Botany Downs Secondary College approach to education – both of academic and co-curricular background – centres around our vision of ‘knowledge with character’.

As members of the BDSC community, we place great emphasis on embodying this vision and it becomes a natural part of everyday life. Students are proud to put on display the qualities that our school empowers them with. Development of character plays a huge role in the education process, with the intention of allowing our graduates to leave with skills that equip them for life in the wider community. We believe that this is essential, as students begin to take steps towards becoming conscious global citizens.

Our priority is to ensure each student thrives in the school environment, therefore as well as achieving excellence academically, we also focus on encouraging the students to become strong, unique and contributing members of our society with the guidance of the ‘Our Way‘ school values. These values embody the all-rounder qualities of excellence, integrity, empathy and respect, all extremely valuable in regards to developing both as students and as young adults.

The Head Student Team of 2018 places particular emphasis on providing students with opportunities that set them up in the community, so as to prepare them for life as global citizens.

One of the key aspects of school life at BDSC is the whānau-based system. Whānau, translated from Māori, means ‘extended family’, and this is exactly what it feels like your whānau are. The sense of belonging and support provided by this unique system are unrivalled by any aspect of schooling found elsewhere, and when combined with our extensive co-curricular program, this becomes even more so. The ability to pursue areas of passion and learning outside the classroom is a cornerstone of life at BDSC that gives students an immense amount of opportunity across a wide range of activities. Everything from sports to arts, cultural to environmental, service to leadership; all working towards fulfilling passions and instilling critical values to those that get involved.

The Head Student Team of 2018 places particular emphasis on providing students with opportunities that set them up in the community, so as to prepare them for life as global citizens. Graduates of our college leave with brilliant memories, as well as the knowledge that allows them to excel in the wider world, but without the dedication we see from the student body, none of that would be possible. ‘Driven’ is the word that comes to mind – everyone striving for their own personalised goals, determined to reach their full potential. As students not far from departing the college ourselves, it gives us great satisfaction as a team to know that we will be leaving behind a passionate group of students who we can all see doing influential and inspiring things in the future.

A goal for us as the Head Student team is to constantly ensure our already catering school, is constantly evolving to accommodate every single student and making sure they are in an environment that they can excel in. Our approachable nature is consistent and we are always up for discussions on how we can evolve not only as a student body but as a whole school. We encourage our peers to do their best in every aspect of school life and this means to take every single opportunity that’s placed in front of them, we are with them every step of the way.

On behalf of the Botany Downs Secondary College Community, we would like to wish the students a successful and memorable year at the college. We hope that challenges are conquered, opportunities are explored and that you reach your annual goals. Self-belief is the root of all achievement and to this, the students have the support of their entire school community. Whaia Te Tiki Tiki – Reach for the heights.

Our Way

Everywhere 24/7 Classroom Co-curricular


Be Respectful

Respect for self, others and the environment

  • Speak politely and use appropriate language (STEP – Sorry, Thank you, Excuse me, Please)
  • Look after property, your own and others
  • Dispose of rubbish in the correct bins
  • Be on time
  • Be an active listener Wear your uniform correctly
  • Respect everyone’s right to learn
  • Use classroom equipment and furniture safely
  • Follow class expectations and routines
  • Represent the college with pride
  • Be a positive role model
  • Thank the volunteers that made things happen


Do Your Best

Excellence through perseverance and effort

  • Make the most of school opportunities
  • Set goals and work hard to achieve them
  • Show perseverance
  • Try new things
  • Come prepared to learn with the correct equipment/gear
  • Challenge yourself and learn from your mistakes
  • Demonstrate on-task independence
  • Act positively on feedback and reflect on your learning
  • Ask for help
  • Honour team commitments
  • Attend all trainings, practices, rehearsals
  • Take responsibility for your role in your group


Show Integrity

Integrity through honesty and fairness

  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Acknowledge success, both of yourself and others
  • Be a responsible digital citizen
  • Show self-control
  • Submit authentic work
  • Use your devices for learning activities
  • Return all resources and equipment
  • Show consideration for others
  • Show sportsmanship
  • Be humble when you win and gracious in defeat
  • Play fair


Care for Others

Empathy for others in all that we do

  • Show care and compassion towards others
  • Be mindful of others when moving around in crowded areas
  • Build positive relationships
  • Accept diversity
  • Act safely
  • Be courteous
  • Accept others as part of group
  • Think before you speak/act

T = Is it true?
H = Is it helpful?
I = Is it inspiring?
N = Is it necessary?
K = Is it kind?

  • Be supportive of one another
  • Be aware and look after the health and safety of others

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