Weta Workshop Unleashed

27 May 2024

In Term 1, the Level 2 Design students embarked on a brief trip to the city to explore the Weta Unleashed Workshop. This immersive experience was just what we needed for further fueling our creativity, serving an abundant pool of inspiration for our current internal we are working on.

As we were guided into the workshop, we were greeted by a world unlike any other – a place where imagination runs free, and the magic of storytelling truly transports you into the unknown. We got to closely observe intricately crafted props to being towered by larger-than-life sculptures; you could tell that with every creation, the craftsmanship to produce such designs came from a big dedication to detail.

Of course, the final products were beautifully crafted. However, seeing the work behind the creation was alluring. The process of the formation of the character design was something I personally found very thought provoking. Our current internal involves aspects we can take from this trip, the depth at which the characters were designed was something like no other. Even the details about why certain patterns were drawn all had a reason for it. For example, one of the characters we were introduced to had texture on its skin where the inspiration was the design of korus. Just details like that all added up into being something incredible.

Our trip to Weta Unleashed Worship sparked even more creative thinking that we could carry into our work. It was definitely an eye-opening experience, and I for one know that we were all very lucky to have experienced this remarkable workshop.

~ Megan Wong 12D9


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