An overview of our college

Botany Downs Secondary College is a co-educational state school for Years 9 to 13 (age 13 to 18 years) with over 1800 students and 150 staff.

Opened in 2004, we have a modern learning environment to support 21st century competencies.

Our College is founded on the whanau concept, with six “schools within a school” providing for the pastoral care needs of learners.

Features and ERO Report      Charter


  • Purpose built for modern expectations of learning and teaching
  • Built on the Whanau concept as the foundation of pastoral care for students
  • Emphasis on both academic challenge and personal development, with proven success in national qualifications and the development of young leaders
  • Support programmes for all students, including gifted and talented students, students with learning conditions, and those in need of literacy and numeracy remediation, including English as an Additional Language (EAL) support
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) incorporated into the learning process focused on developing collaboration, communication and critical thinking, enabling self-paced, self-directed and anywhere – anytime learning
  • Integrated thinking and learning curriculum, developing metacognitive processes, reflection and goal-setting
  • Mentoring programmes, providing peer leadership and academic and career guidance
  • Authentic and contextual learning opportunities
  • Innovative teaching approached with a dedicated, high-calibre staff


The Education Review Office (ERO) reviews schools on a 3-5 year cycle.  Botany Downs Secondary College was last visited in June 2012.

ERO found that...

High expectations and shared values impact positively on the learning culture and promote student progress and achievement.

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Located in Botany Downs, Howick, an attractive suburb in the East of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city.

575 Chapel Road.

Only 40 minutes drive from the city centre  and 30 minutes from the Auckland International Airport 

Within easy walking distance of the school is, Botany Town Centre  the second largest shopping mall in the country, there are shops, cinemas , restaurants, libraries , ice skating rink and entertainment complexes.

The nearest beaches are within 15 minutes drive.

What our logo symbolises

The design started by using the circles of the Beta and Delta characters of the Greek alphabet, and the overlapping circular shapes echo the roles of the educator and the learner.

  • Inner circle is the student
  • Outer circle represents the nurturing and educating by teachers
  • Outer shape links the two circles, envelops the whole school community, and is pointing (upwards) to the future.
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Our key planning document and the basis for all college activity.

The charter sets out for the college, parents, families, whanau, and wider community, what a board intends to achieve for its students and how it will do this. All schools must have a charter which is annually reviewed (Education Act, section 61).

Updated each year with the Ministry of Education and the Annually Updated Section (Annual Plan).

Strategic Section (Plan)

Outlines the Board of Trustees strategic aims for the next three to five years. It reflects what the Board is doing to make a difference for student achievement and progress, particularly for Maori and Pasifika students, and students with special education needs

Annually Updated Section (Annual Plan)

Identifies the Board of Trustees priorities for the coming year. It includes the Board’s actions to raise student progress and achievement, and describes how the Board is giving effect to the National Education Guidelines, which include the National Administration Guidelines (NAGs), that the college must comply with.

A forward-thinking education focused on challenging, innovative, personalised learning within a whanau-based community where learners are nurtured and inspired to achieve personal excellence.

As global citizens we embrace diversity, develop character and self-worth, and live our values of empathy, excellence, integrity and respect.

  • Maximise the resources and opportunities provided in the PHILOSOPHY OF THE WHANAU to support students
  • Attract, professionally develop, and retain the HIGHEST QUALITY STAFF who share the College’s vision, culture, philosophy, and pedagogical approach
  • Actively seek and provide NEW AND EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES to encourage creative and innovative learning and teaching
  • Use communication and marketing tools to promote the college as an OUTSTANDING LEARNING ORGANISATION

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