ERO Report

The Education Review Office reviews schools on a 3-5 year cycle. Botany Downs Secondary College was last visited in June 2012.

ERO is likely to carry out the next review in four-to-five years (2016/2017).

Below is a summary of the findings.

ERO found that...

High expectations and shared values impact positively on the learning culture and promote student progress and achievement.


How well are students learning – engaging, progressing and achieving?

Modern purpose-built facilities and digital technologies support the school’s vision for 21st century learning.

  • The school has an experienced principal and is well managed and governed. The board’s vision for education includes the development of learning goals and key competencies that align closely to The New Zealand Curriculum. Providing excellent educational opportunities for all students is a key aim of the board.
  • High quality provision for international students and well managed programmes for students with special learning needs are other important features that impact positively on student learning.

School Improvement and Sustainability

How well placed is the school to sustain and improve its performance?

The school is well placed to sustain and improve its performance. School management planning is comprehensive and is closely aligned to the board’s strategic goals and vision for learning. Annual goals and targets are purposefully set and used well to measure the impact of new initiatives.

  • A very capable Board of Trustees with experienced and committed representation
  • Very well informed and responsible decision-making at governance and management levels
  • A successful high trust model of school leadership
  • Regular and planned reporting processes supports on-going self-review and strategic management
  • Collaborative and respected senior management team model expectations to staff
  • Well integrated appraisal systems supports improvements in teacher practice
  • Significant innovation in information technology through the partnership with Microsoft
  • School improvements are based on consultation with staff, students and the community, and through formal external evaluation.


How effectively does this school’s curriculum promote and support student learning?

Students benefit from the school’s academically-focused curriculum that includes an extensive co?curricular programme and opportunities for leadership.

  • A 21st century vision for learning that meets the needs of all learners
  • A strong inclusive environment where personalised learning is prioritised
  • Well used student achievement information shared with students, teachers and parents
  • Very capable curriculum leaders set high standards and expectations
  • Well managed learning programmes with high levels of teacher expertise
  • Planned and purposeful use of learning time, students on task and engaged in learning
  • High quality provision for students with special needs and for International students
  • Very good opportunities for student leadership.

Student Achievement and Progress

Students achieve well at all year levels. They are engaged in learning and make very good progress.

  • An unrelenting focus on student achievement
  • Very high expectations of progress and achievement at all levels
  • Student progress is closely monitored and responded to at all levels
  • Continued improvement in NCEA Levels 1 to 3, in many areas results are above decile 10 comparisons
  • Maori and Pacific students are achieving as well as all other students
  • Very well collated, analysed and reported student achievement information
  • Progress and achievement supported through whanau based literacy and learning skills programmes
  • High level of parent engagement supported by increased use of ICT and reporting via the parent portal.

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