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Traffic Management Plan

Arriving and leaving school by parental vehicle

Traffic ManagementYes…

To prevent traffic congestion we strongly recommend that walking to school is the best option for students. However, should you need to drive your student to school dropping them off in the car park at Botany Town Centre directly opposite the pedestrian crossing at the southern gates is a good idea.

The official student drop-off and pick-up area on school grounds are in the back car park. Traffic should enter via the northernmost gate, and continue down the one-way road past the green water tanks to the back car park. Cars should leave the school grounds via the roundabout out the southernmost exit and past the Performing Arts Centre to the traffic lights. The front slip road is closed to through traffic and is used for staff parking only. There is the provision of a disabled car park at the front of the administration block, along with several visitor car parks for official business during the school day.


  • There is to be no parking of parents’ cars on the College grounds.
  • The drive between Chapel Road and Kilkenny Drive is for Pedestrian Traffic only and there is no thoroughfare for cars between Chapel Road and Kilkenny Drive.
  • No cars are to enter the school grounds through the controlled intersection at the southern boundary of the school from 3:00 pm. It creates a very dangerous situation for our students.
  • Please do not wait for or drop off your child in the Eastview Baptist Church car park.
  • Please do not stop in the area outside the back of the Performing Arts Centre. This causes a tailback onto Chapel Road and is a serious hazard.

Students driving to school

We realise that there may be occasions when students need to drive. These students are required to complete a Driving to School Permission form  which is also located on Office 365 . They should return the completed form to their Whanau Leader. They will then be issued with a Vehicle Pass which should be available on request.

Students will not be permitted to park in the college grounds or in the narrow streets that surround the college such as Magee, Magilligan, Mellefont, Millisle, Moy or Mulroy Place. Cars parked along these narrow streets occupy the few spaces intended for residents and restrict access for any emergency vehicles. These streets are regularly monitored by the Auckland Council and the local police for vehicle infringements.

No passengers should be carried in the cars unless prior arrangement is made that notifies the parents and the college. The college will take no responsibility for the car or its contents. Parents must accept the conditions and responsibility for the health and safety of their child travelling to and from the college.

Transport from Whitford

There is no free transport provided from the Whitford and Peninsula areas.

Please be aware that when travelling to and from college, all college standards apply.

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