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If you or your child’s teacher are concerned about your child’s development, learning, behaviour, or communication skills, the Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) of our school will be able to access help for you.

Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO):
Mrs A Smith, 273-2310 ext. #436  a.smith@bdsc.school.nz

A SENCO is responsible for implementing our school’s education policy and coordinates the services that students need.

The Process

Once your concerns have been discussed and the SENCO or your child’s educational provider is sure that no current school-based programmes can assist your child, they will make a referral to the most relevant Special Education team. They will assess your child’s learning needs and then work collaboratively with you and our school to identify whether your child needs extra support and the type of support required. This will be discussed with your family and your child’s education provider, and then an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be written.

What is an IEP?

An IEP is a written plan formulated during a meeting between parents, teachers, specialists, and teacher aides. It outlines how your child’s educational needs will be met and includes goals, programmes, or strategies to be implemented, and the resources and support needed to meet those goals. It also details who is responsible for each aspect of the plan and includes a date on which another meeting will be held to review your child’s progress towards those goals.

Inclusive Education

New Zealand schools adhere to an inclusive education philosophy, which decrees that ALL children are welcomed into a regular class in their local school, and are supported to learn and participate in all aspects of school life alongside their peers. The principles behind inclusive education advocate that human diversity is respected, and that children’s abilities and strengths are recognised while their learning needs are responded to and addressed. It promotes an education system that is responsive to the uniqueness of each student rather than expecting children to fit into a one-size-fits-all model of teaching and learning.

The Ministry of Education provides Special Education services which are available to support children experiencing challenges to access the curriculum by providing the extra help or specialised equipment and materials needed to adapt learning programmes and environments.

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