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Our Health Centre shares a commitment to supporting our students to be healthy, happy and well, enabling achievement of their full potential.

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Located in the Student Services building.

Mrs Karyn Wilson

Registered Nurse
273-2310 ext. #374

Mrs Wilson holds a current Nursing Council of New Zealand practicing certificate and is a registered ACC Provider .


8:40 AM – 3:15 PMMonday to Friday


We Provide

The Health Centre provides access for all our students to seek culturally sensitive, supportive and professional medical care and education.

Students can be assured of private and confidential care.

There are three exceptions to this including:

  • If you are harming yourself
  • If someone else is harming you
  • If you are harming someone else

In any of these situations, the student and nurse will discuss who else would need to be involved to keep the student and/or others safe.

We offer the following services:
  • First Aid
  • Accident and Emergency treatment and referral
  • Assessment and care if illness occurs at school
  • Support with chronic condition management
  • Medication administration as required
  • Sport injuries and referral to onsite physiotherapist
  • Weekly onsite physiotherapist
  • Guidance Counsellor referral
  • Sexual Health support/education/referral
  • Health promotion and education
  • Weight Management support
  • Alcohol and substance abuse/referral
  • Resource information
  • Collaboration with outside health providers

Leaving school due to illness

Should a student become unwell at school, the nurse will assess their health and contact parents/caregivers to obtain consent to send the student home if necessary.

We ask that students do not contact parents directly.

Medication Support

Should medication administration support be required at school, please contact the nurse to arrange completion of a parental consent form prior to medication being provided.

Registered Nurse: Mrs Karyn Wilson, 273-2310 ext. #374

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