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We believe that all students should be actively participating in co-curricular activities and it is great to see parents, our community, and staff getting involved as well. This not only motivates your child but also other children.

Students love to see you on the sideline or getting even more actively involved in their activities. All sports that our students play require parental involvement and there are several ways that you can help and encourage your child.

There is something for everyone to do. It does not have to be the same sport or at the same level as your child is playing.

  • Coaches
  • Managers
  • Drivers
  • Supervisors
  • Help with looking after uniforms and equipment
  • Transport providers (you may be able to organise a car-pool)
  • Occasional catering
  • Lots of positive support and encouragement for both teams as well as match officials from the sidelines.

Whatever you do, you can be assured that the students will appreciate and benefit from your involvement, and hopefully you will enjoy the close contact with the college.

If you have any questions or are able to help our teams/groups in any way…

We have dedicated staff to help drive and support the co-curricular programme, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ms Rachel Scott,   ext. #226
Mr John Samuel,   ext. #219
Miss Anna Peterson,   ext. #344

Mr Karl McLennan

Director of Sports
273-2310 ext. #475

Family and Friends

Enhancing the educational experience for our students through voluntary service, community involvement, improvement of amenities and support with co-curricular activities.
  • Act as a facilitator for the college community, and the families of students, with the college, for community and parent participation and interest
  • Provide support services and functions, where practical, to the staff and students for various events. Where approved by the college, assist with arranging a fundraising event for the benefit of the college and students
  • A focus on community and family involvement with the college in as many ways as possible with a secondary focus on fundraising
  • Reduce the burden on staff with the provision of co-curricular and cultural activities at the college

The committee is made up of representatives from the parent body, Principal and Board of Trustees representative.

Chairperson: Natalie Sutton
Secretary: Michelle Pswarayi
Treasurer: Kauen Nauer

How can I get involved?

  • Attend monthly Family and Friend meetings

    All are welcome. Even if you can’t make it every month, it is an ideal platform for information sharing (and to discuss any issues with our big chief – the Principal).

We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm in our college Staffroom (above Reception).

Not everybody likes meetings, committees etc., but just want to help when they have the time available, that’s fine, we need extra hands every now and then. Any interested person directly associated with the college can help, so…

  • Add your name to our Family and Friends contact list

    Leave your details with our receptionist Mrs Jacqui Redfearn,   273-2310 ext. #204 and then we can contact you when we need help.

Host Family Appeal

Have you ever considered hosting an International Student from Europe, South America or Asia?

We are looking for families to become homestay providers to our international students. We need families for one term, two terms, and full-year periods.

Families are reimbursed $280 per week.

What kind of families are we looking for?

Warm, welcoming families where students are included and can experience the Kiwi lifestyle. Families need to be available and willing to spend time with their students and show them around Auckland.

Students should feel at home and integrated into your family’s life.

English must be your first language, and your culture in terms of food and lifestyle needs to be Kiwi or very similar to the Kiwi culture.

We have over 140 international students from 19 different countries, ageing from 13 to 18 years, and each one of them needs someone to care for them while they’re here.

Why host an international student?

Hosting an international student can be a really great experience for your family.

  • Perhaps you’d like your child to have the experience of having a brother or sister?
  • Maybe you want to help give your kids an opportunity to live with someone from a different culture, or learn another language, or just make a new friend?
  • Plus, if your kids have a bit of wanderlust, hosting a student gives them an opportunity to visit that student later overseas.
  • We know hosting students isn’t cheap, so we pay our families a fee of $280 per week for hosting a student for us.


We understand that it is not always easy to make the decision to take an international student into your home; we will endeavour to provide all the information you require to help you to make a decision.

We try to match students to families with similar interests; the information you provide to us in the application form below helps us in this process.

View our Application Pack containing information on expectations and guidelines, or contact one of our International Homestay Coordinators:

Mrs C McKnight

International Homestay Co-ordinator
273-2310 ext. #368

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