One of the largest co-curricular groups at Botany Downs Secondary College.

We work in teams. Students choose to join one of the project based teams within Enviroschools as their main area of activity. Many also take part in the activities of other groups.

Each team meets during the college day at some point in the week to plan their activities. However, the actual action will take place after college or at weekends. It is expected that students having signed up to Enviroschools make a commitment and turn up, in the same way that they do for sports fixtures and college productions.

Enviroschools is led by two senior students. They are supported by students who lead each team and by several staff members. Communication within the group is through meetings, via the College LMS and a Facebook group

There are no costs to join!

We also participate in tree planting at various locations, both locally and further afield, beach cleanups and Green Jams. These events may be organized by groups outside of BDSC.

Logo symbolism

What our logo symbolises

The blue of the logo reflects nature’s colour for the sky and water. It acts as the foundation of the logo, as well as our group, symbolising strength and dependability.

The inner curved arrow represents the sustainable nature of Enviroschools and the yellow-orange hue supports it through its symbolism of warmth as well as vitality.

Finally, the leaf shape reflects the environment around us, the curve towards centre symbolising the nurturing of this.

˜ Designed by Year 13 student Crystal Tan

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Our Groups

Kilkenny Reserve

Testing the water in the creek for chemicals and invertebrates, tree planting, monitoring the growth of native trees planted along the creek, conducting the annual garden bird survey, picking up rubbish, pest tracking.

Kindergarten Liason

Working with our neighbouring kindergarten and teaching the children about the environment.


Collecting and recycling paper, plastics and cans.


Investigating the use of solar power, running a beehive.


Turning organic waste into useful worm tea and castings.

Celebrating Howick’s Moth Plant Teams

Coming Soon

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