Student Care and Wellbeing

We have an experienced health team including a Registered Nurse, Counsellors, Learning Support and Cafe staff. We all share a commitment to supporting our students to be healthy, happy and well.

To notify us of a student absence please email or call 273-2310 and leave a message on the absence answer phone.



Health & Safety Information.


Medical Care

The Health Centre provides access for all our students to seek culturally sensitive, supportive and professional medical care and education. Students can be assured of private and confidential care.
We provide…
Leaving school due to illness
Medication support


Guidance and Counselling

Supporting the well-being and safety of all students.
Student referral for yourself or someone else
Caregiver referral for student


Learning Support

Human diversity is respected, and our students’ abilities and strengths are recognised while their learning needs are addressed and responded to.



Committed to providing a wide range of healthy food options for both students.
Menu and price list

Get in contact with Student Services

Timetables, lost property, late to school, require exit passes, resetting computer passwords etc.
Mrs Michelle Byers
,   273-2310 ext. #473

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