Cultural Groups

Allowing students to come together and display their own culture in front of their peers and the whole college.

No matter where we come from, or what our culture is; we are all New Zealanders and students of Botany Downs Secondary College.

Cultural groups are open to any of our students.

Once enrolled, a high level of commitment is expected as of any member of a sports teams. Participating students could be representing the college in various cultural events during the year.

Many groups rely on outside tutors to coach our students and have a cost attached to the participation.

Cultural Co-curricular

Information on Cultural Co-curricular activities on offer this year and how you can get involved.

Groups offered may include…
  • Bring It On
  • Chinese “Lions Dance”
  • Cook Island Group
  • Fijian Dance
  • Indian Dance
  • Inter-cultural Group
  • International Students
  • Kapahaka
  • Korean Dancing
  • Korean Drumming
  • Korean Taekwondo
  • Lion Dance
  • Middle Eastern Group
  • Pasifika Cultural
  • Punjabi Bhangra
  • Samoan Dance
  • South African Dance
  • Tongan Dance

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