There are two ways to notify of an absence:

Email and provide the student’s name, tutor class, the date of, and reason for, the absence

Call 273-2310 and follow the prompts to leave a message on the absence voice mail before 9:40 a.m.

Attendance Officer: Mrs Michelle Glass,   273-2310 ext. #283

Student Services: Mrs Michelle Byers,   273-2310 ext. #473

Parent/Guardian Handbook:

View section 1. Attendance Protocols – Absence, Lateness and Leave.

In particular…

1.4. Advising of, and explaining, absences

Absence from College for medical or other reasons must be accounted for by caregivers, preferably in advance, or other verifiable communication within 24 hours of the student returning to College.

Whenever possible, parents/caregivers are encouraged to advise the College of an impending absence or lateness ahead of time. When this is not possible, then parents/caregivers are asked to inform the College as soon as possible after the event (e.g. by phone or email on the day of a student’s illness, or by note/email on the first day when the student returns to school).

An unexplained absence is automatically converted into truancy after 7 days and followed up with accordingly.

1.6. Leave

You must Request for Leave  if you are taking your child out of college for a reason other than sickness, a danger of infection, sudden and serious illness of parent/guardian, or severe weather conditions. For example, a family holiday, looking after younger members of the family, sport and cultural fixtures arranged by clubs.

Applications must be received one week prior to the start date, unless under urgent circumstances (e.g. bereavement).

Forms are to be submitted to Student Services for a Deputy Principal to consider whether the absence is justified or unjustified.

The purpose of the form is to notify teachers of planned absence and to allow parents and students to consider the implications on assessments or preparation for assessments that could be affected by the leave request.

There is no obligation for the College to modify assessment dates if they fall in the period of requested leave. For further information, refer to the School’s National Qualification Framework booklet.

1.8. / 1.9. Punctuality and Lateness

Students arriving late to school must sign in at the Student Services Centre.

Being on time means getting the most from lessons and will typically mean a student is ready to learn. This means aiming to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start of the day and being ready to learn with all the right materials.

If the lateness is due to a dental/medical appointment then please present appointment slip to Student Services when signing in.

The College is aware that occasionally other circumstances cause a lateness outside of the control of the student or parent/guardian. This is expected to be a rare event, but in such circumstances, please provide a suitable explanation to the office (i.e. written note/email). This will be recorded by the office.

Students who are very late to school may be recorded as absent. For instance, if the student arrives with only 15 minutes of the class remaining.

Parents/guardians of students who are late without a justified explanation will receive an email notification advising of this.

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