All Homestays are carefully selected by our Homestay Team and will help provide you with a home away from home.

We understand how important it is for the relationship between the student and the family to work well. Students’ needs and requests are always considered when making placements, to ensure they are placed in a family environment which works best for them.

We have wonderful host families, who give students the chance to experience the Kiwi way of life, as part of a caring family, and help them to develop their English language skills.

All our homestays are within walking distance or a short bus ride from the school. Most live in relatively new homes and there is guaranteed Wi-Fi in all our homestay accommodation. Every member of the home, over eighteen, is required to have a police check and the home is visited regularly by us to ensure that our standards are met.

Students may live with one of the following:

  • Their mother or father, who may apply for a Guardian Visa
  • In a school-approved homestay.
  • With a family member or close family friend known to the student’s parents. This person is called a Designated Caregiver.

Students may NOT live alone, or in accommodation shared with friends, even if they are over 18.


Transport to school is usually by walking/cycling/bus/car. If by bus, the student will pay their own bus-fare. Most homestays are within a 10-15 minute bus ride from school.

Are you a local family who would like to host an international student?

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