Principal's Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to Botany Downs Secondary College. Students will experience a forward-thinking education in a purposefully-designed, innovative and technology-rich learning environment.

The cornerstone of our college is the Whānau system which is the foundation of our pastoral support for students. Each Whānau provides a sense of belonging, a smaller school within the larger school structure.

Botany Downs Secondary College is a learning community that encourages personal excellence and provides a wide range of co-curricular opportunities in the arts, culture, sports, service and leadership. We are proud of our achievements in all these areas.

Our staff are committed to ensuring the highest quality learning for our students so that, when they graduate, they will be equipped as lifelong learners, who are poised to achieve success according to their ability and able to reflect on their time at Botany Downs Secondary College with fondness.

I invite you to visit the college and see us in action.

Mrs Karen Brinsden

Principal’s Personal Assistant and School Board Secretary:
Miss Sarah Madden, 273-2310 ext. #318

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