Junior Curriculum, Years 9 - 10

Offering a broad range of courses to meet the needs of diverse students.

We operate a 25-period weekly timetable for delivery of the curriculum (five one-hour periods from Monday to Friday).

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Alongside the regular curriculum is our Tutor Mentoring programme that promotes metacognitive approaches to understand how to learn and mentoring processes focused on reflection on academic goals and progress. This is supported by Year 12 and 13 students.

The curriculum meets the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum where the Key Competencies and Values are developed within the eight learning areas.


At Year 9 the emphasis is to provide a sound foundation of subjects. All subjects are compulsory, and with the exception of Mathematics and Statistics are taught in Tutor Class groups.

Learners have four periods a week of English, and three periods a week of Mathematics and Statistics, Health and Physical Education, Science and Social Studies.

These five subjects continue into Year 10 as compulsory subjects.

Learners also study two languages (Japanese and French or Te Reo Māori) three periods a week for one semester; and Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) (approximately 10 weeks each of Music, Visual Art, Dance, and Drama) and Technology (approximately 10 weeks each of Food, Multi-Materials, Textiles, and Design and Visual Communication).

Core Compulsory Subjects
  • English
  • Languages  two terms
    • French
    • Japanese
    • Te Reo Māori
    • or English as an Additional Language (EAL) – four terms
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology – one term each
    • Food
    • Textiles
    • Multi-Materials
    • Design and Visual Communication
  • Visual and Performing Arts – one term each
    • Art
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Music


The continued emphasis in Year 10 is to further develop key competencies and subject knowledge and skills that set a strong foundation for senior studies.

Learners continue with compulsory English, Mathematics and Statistics, Health and Physical Education, Science and Social Studies.

Learners have four periods a week of Mathematics and three periods a week of English, Science, Social Studies and Health and Physical Education.

In addition, they choose THREE options from the remaining learning areas (Languages, Visual and Performing Arts, and Technology).

Core Compulsory Subjects
  • English (10ENG)
  • Mathematics and Statistics (10MAT), Mathematics – Accelerated (1MAX)
  • Health and Physical Education (10HPE)
  • Science (10SCI), Science – Accelerated (1SCX)
  • Social Studies (10SOS)
Option Subjects

Students to select THREE options.

  • Ancient Civilisations (10ANC)
  • Art (10ART)
  • Business Pathways (10BUP)
  • Dance (10DAN)
  • Design and Visual Communication (10DVC)
  • Digital Technologies (10DIT)
  • Digital Art (10DRT)
  • Drama (10DRA)
  • Electronics (10ELE)
  • English Language Support (10ELS)
  • Food Technology (10TEF)
  • French (10FRE)
  • Investigative Geography (10IGO)
  • Japanese (10JAP)
  • Maori (10MAO)
  • Media Studies (10MED)
  • Multi-Materials Technology (10TEM)
  • Music (10MUS)
  • Outdoor Leadership (10ODL)
  • Physical Education (10PED)
  • Spanish (10SPH)
  • Textiles Technology (10TET)

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