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Traffic Management Plan   Transport from Whitford

Parent/Guardian Handbook:

In particular, view section 23. Traffic Management Plan.

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Traffic Management Plan

To ensure the safety of all members of the College Community we have established a traffic management plan. We promote students walking to and from College whenever possible not only as a means of personal fitness but also to keep traffic around the college to a minimum. We ask for the co-operation of parents and students in following the plan.

Most students that attend BDSC live within 2 km of the college and the primary mode of transport to and from college should be by foot or bicycle. Even during inclement weather, the use of raincoats and umbrellas is recommended rather than using vehicles.

Student Foot Traffic

  • Chapel Road Entrance/Exit – All students coming to and from the College must cross Chapel Road at the Traffic Light Controlled Intersection.
  • Kilkenny Drive Entrance/Exit – There are no controlled crossings on the Kilkenny exit – Students are to use the pedestrian refuge crossing next to the playground. Please encourage your son/daughter to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, before crossing.

Students Arriving and Exiting by Bicycle

  • All students must wear a helmet (this is a legal requirement)
  • Students crossing Chapel Rd must dismount and use the pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights.
  • Riding of bikes in the College grounds is permitted only on the internal road: (Foundation Avenue). Otherwise, bicycles must be pushed to minimise the risk of injury to pedestrians on paths.

Students Arriving and Leaving School by Parental Vehicle

When parents or caregivers need to drop off or pick up students from college, we request that this management plan is adhered to. Our increased student population and density of internal traffic, without a dedicated drop off zone, and the continued use of the Chapel Rd traffic lights to enter the college, causing cross-over traffic, has affected our ability to ensure the safety of students. Consequently, we have reviewed our traffic management plan.

Vehicles may no longer drop off or pick up students inside the college unless students have genuinely limited mobility.

Parents are requested to drop off or collect students from Kilkenny Drive or Botany Town Centre. The car park to the left as one enters the Town Centre from Chapel Road is a suggested area for drop off and pickup. The College requests that parents do not pick up or drop off students on Chapel Rd, as this road has no parking zones, and high traffic flow that would make this hazardous. Cars are still not allowed to pick up or drop off students in the church carpark to the north of the College.

We know that this safer option is sustainable as we had to close the college to traffic during the T-Block construction, and there was no issue with arrival and departure of students.

In case of limited mobility, parents can continue to use the mobility zone at the front of the college (enter via the northern gate, turn right, and exit to the south, give way and then exit via the controlled intersection. Aside from limited mobility access, the front road is closed to through traffic and is for staff parking only, except for the provision for disabled car access and parking at the front of the administration block, plus limited visitor car parks for official business during the school day.

Students Driving Cars to College

While the Board of Trustees discourages students driving to college for the same reasons to promote walking and reduce traffic, the College realises that there may be some students that need to drive. These students are required to complete a Driving to School Permission form  which is also located on Office 365 . They should return the completed form to their Whānau Leader. They will then be issued with a Vehicle Pass which should be available on request. This will allow the student to park in the Town Centre Car Park (to the left as one enters the Town Centre from Chapel Rd at the lights).

No passengers should be carried in the cars unless prior arrangement is made that notifies the parents and the college. The college will take no responsibility for the car or its contents. Parents must accept the conditions and responsibility for the health and safety of their child travelling to and from college.

Transport from Whitford

There is no free transport provided from the Whitford and Peninsula areas.

Please be aware that when travelling to and from college, all college standards apply.

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