Our school cafe is committed to providing a wide range of healthy food options for both students and staff.

Cafe Manager: Mr Charles Gomes 273-2310 ext. #251

As well as the regular everyday items, we periodically sell chicken tender subs, meatball subs, BBQ chicken and cheese wraps, and garlic bread. At morning tea, our most popular item is a spaghetti bun/hash brown combo, at just $2.50.

And of course, we always have fresh fruit available at a very reasonable price.

We have EFTPOS.

Open daily at interval and at lunchtime following sit-down lunch in the Whanau Houses.

Menu and Price List

Come and check our daily specials, such as chicken kebabs…


Fresh Fruit Salad $4

Salads $6 (by order only)
Ham / Chicken / Beef / Vegetarian / Tuna GF

White bread $3.50 / Brown bread $4.50 / GF bread $4.50
Variety of fillings available

Chicken Sub $3.50

Wraps $4.50
Ham / Chicken / Vegetarian

Pizza Bread $3
Vegetarian options available

Soup $4 (Winter only)
With a bread roll


Potato Chips $2

Popcorn $2

Chips $2
Doritos / V-Chips / Munchos

Cheese Stick $1
Noodle Snack $1
(rotated weekly)

Afghan $1 / Mrs Higgins Cookie $3 / Mrs Higgins Brownie $3 /Hash Brown $1 (interval only) / Rice Cracker .50c

HOT MEALS of the day

MON: Nachos (Veg) $4, Pie (Halaal) $4
TUE: Chicken Kebab $2.50
WED: Hot Meal Board Special $5
THU: Pork Riblet Roll $4
FRI: Sushi (Veg / GF)


Hot Noodles $3.50
Beef  / Chicken Halaal

Spicy Noodles $3.50

Spaghetti Bun $1.50 (Veg.)

Garlic Bread $1.50 (Veg. Tue, Thu only)

Hot Dog $3

Steam Bun $3
Pork / Chicken

Pie $4 (Mon, Wed, Fri only)

Sausage Roll $2

Pizza $3
Hawaiian / Meat Lovers

Chicken Nugget Dog $4 (Wed only)


Small Plain $2 / Large Plain $3 / Large Flavoured $3.50

Ice Tea
Lipton $4 / Dellos $3

Mill Orchard Juice $3.50

Primo $3

Up’n’Go $3

Juicies $1 / Moosies $2 / Slushies $2 / Coconut Juicies $2


Hot chocolate $2Cappuccino $2.50Mochaccino $2.50

Updated: 2018, Term 1

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