College Charter

Our Charter is our key planning document and the basis for all college activity. It sets out for the college, parents, families, whanau, and wider community, what a board intends to achieve for its students and how it will do this. All schools must have a charter which is annually reviewed (Education Act, section 61).

Botany Downs

Our Charter contains:

  • Our vision and mission statements
  • A Strategic Section (Plan) that outlines the Board of Trustees strategic aims for the next three to five years. It reflects what the Board is doing to make a difference for student achievement and progress, particularly for Maori and Pasifika students, and students with special education needs
  • An Annually Updated Section (Annual Plan) that identifies the Board of Trustees priorities for the coming year. It includes the Board’s actions to raise student progress and achievement, and describes how the Board is giving effect to the National Education Guidelines, which include the National Administration Guidelines (NAGs), that the college must comply with.



Knowledge with Character


A forward-thinking education focused on challenging, innovative, personalised learning within a whanau-based community where learners are nurtured and inspired to achieve personal excellence.

As global citizens we embrace diversity, develop character and self-worth, and live our values of empathy, excellence, integrity and respect.

Strategic Intent

  • Maximise the resources and opportunities provided in the PHILOSOPHY OF THE WHANAU to support students
  • Attract, professionally develop, and retain the HIGHEST QUALITY STAFF who share the College's vision, culture, philosophy, and pedagogical approach
  • Actively seek and provide NEW AND EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES to encourage creative and innovative learning and teaching
  • Use communication and marketing tools to promote the college as an OUTSTANDING LEARNING ORGANISATION

Strategic Plan

Download our Strategic and Annual Plan 2017-2019 (.pdf).  Updated each year with the Ministry of Education and the Annually Updated Section (Annual Plan).