International Fees and Policies

All prices have been quoted in New Zealand dollars

After your application has been accepted, we will create an invoice specifically for you. The invoice will specify all of the costs for your stay, including tuition, accommodation, insurance etc., and contains everything you need to know about making the payment. 

There are some additional costs that you may encounter which you can view below.


Tuition Fee (one full year) * $18,000
Administration Fee $1,800
Weekly Homestay Fee inclusive $290
Residential Caregiver Support Fee $500
Airport Meet $50
Airport Farewell $40
Medical and Travel Insurance (cover for one year)** + $500
ONE SEMESTER (two terms)
Tuition Fee (Either Terms 1 & 2 or Terms 3 & 4) * $9,000
Administration Fee $900
Weekly Homestay Fee inclusive $290
Residential Caregiver Support Fee $500
Airport Meet $50
Airport Farewell $40
Medical and Travel Insurance (cover for six months)** + $250
Tuition Fee $4,500
Administration Fee $900
Weekly Homestay Fee inclusive $290
Airport Meet $50
Airport Farewell $40
Medical and Travel Insurance (cover for three months)** + $125

* This includes: GST, textbooks on loan, ESOL tuition if required, initial stationery pack, airport meet-and-greet on first arrival
** Unicare International Student Insurance Cover Quoted. Insurance fees are subject to change by the Insurance Provider
+ Insurance premium is calculated on exact travel dates and may, therefore, differ slightly from these estimates

Subject Fees
Some practical subjects have a charge for materials or workbooks used. Outdoor Education fees: $1,000 (full year), $750 (semester) and $500 (1 term)
Exam Fees
$383.30 entry fees for NCEA Levels 1 to 3 (Years 11-13) must be paid where necessary.
Students will have the opportunity to enter national competitions. Typically, these are in Mathematics, Science, English and Chemistry. These have their own entry fees.
School Trips
Day field trips to Art Galleries, Historic Sites etc. – some costs may apply.
Approximately $100 – $150 per year (dependent on chosen subjects. Initial stationery pack is provided containing basic exercise books/files)
Approximately $350 to $400.
School Camps
Some subjects have extended camps as part of their fieldwork. Costs will vary.
Supplied on loan free of charge (but there will be a charge if books are lost or damaged)
ID Cards
Student ID cards are available for $6.20
Homestay Moves
The first move is free. Any subsequent moves at the request of the student/parents where the host family have met requirements will incur a fee of $200.
Students will require a laptop for all subjects.
Tablets are not recommended due to their reduced functionality.
Mathematics students are require to use a scientific calculator.
  • The administration fee is payable on enrolment/re-enrolment. It is non-refundable.
  • Homestay fees must be paid in advance to Botany Downs Secondary College.
  • Medical and Travel Insurance is compulsory for the duration of the student’s course. It can be arranged through the school with Unicare Travel Insurance
Approximate age for each Year Level
  • Year 9  –  age 13 years
  • Year 10  –  age 14 years
  • Year 11  –  age 15 years
  • Year 12  –  age 16 years
  • Year 13  –  age 17-18 years

Fees Protection

Botany Downs Secondary College has a Fee Protection policy   to safeguard the fees paid by International Students, in the unlikely event that the school may not be able to commence or continue to deliver tuition to the international student.

The school’s Board of Trustees guarantees to hold in reserve sufficient funds to meet the requirements of any refund in these circumstances.


A peak body for schools supporting international students in the education sector

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