Term Dates

In New Zealand, the school year is divided into four terms. You’re welcome to join us at any time of the year, but of course, some times are better than others.
  1. Term 1

    This is when the majority of new international students choose to start. All subjects are available at the start of Term 1 and the local New Zealand students aren’t as busy as they will be later in the year, so they are generally are more open to making new friends. There are lots of sports teams and co-curricular clubs looking for new members. Plus… February is summer time so it’s really nice to start when the weather is great.

  2. Term 3

    This is when we have our second biggest intake of international students, so there will be lots of new people to make friends with. Most of our subject areas are starting new topics, making it easy to immediately get involved with your learning. Not all subjects will be available as we’re half way through the year and they may have filled up with students in the first 2 terms. 

    Unfortunately, Term 3 is right in the middle of our winter and all of our winter sports teams have been formed and will be playing, which means there are limited options for what you can take part in.

  3. Term 2

    The school ball is in Term 2 so if you are joining Year 12 or Year 13 you will have the chance to get dressed up and dance the night away with your friends. Winter sports begin in Term 2 so you will have a great opportunity to get involved with these.

  4. Other times of the year

    We accept new students at various other times of the year. You will have similar benefits as other students who have enrolled at the start of that term, and the same excellent service, but some aspects of what we provide may not be available.

  5. Term 4

    For younger students (13- 14 years old) starting in Term 4 can be a nice introduction to school in New Zealand. You can get to know some of the students in your class and see what it’s like to study in a New Zealand school.

    For older students starting in Term 4 is difficult, most subjects are close to completing their teaching for the year. The exams start for senior students (15 – 18 years old) and the term is often quite short, although we do have an amazing End of Year Program which you can take part in. The program is a great mix of day trips and learning experiences.

We close for public holidays and anniversary days, teacher-only days, Saturdays and Sundays. We can also close in an emergency. During the school day, there are breaks in the morning and at lunchtime, so that students can eat and play.


Monday8:45 AM – 3:05 PM

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday8:45 AM – 3:15 PM

Thursday9:05 AM – 3:15 PM

*  Staggered start dates apply for Term 1   ** Semesters apply to International Students only

Semester One**
Term Start Date Finish Date Public Holidays
TERM 1 Between
Tuesday 31 January (at the earliest);
and Tuesday 7 February (at the latest)*
Thursday 6 April Waitangi Day: 6 February
Easter Good Friday: 7 April
Easter Monday: 10 April
School holidays: Friday 7 April – Sunday 23 April
TERM 2 Monday 24 April Friday 30 June Anzac Day: 25 April
King’s Birthday: 5 June
School holidays: Saturday 1 July – Sunday 16 July (includes Matariki 14 July)
Semester Two**
TERM 3 Monday 17 July Friday 22 September
School holidays: Saturday 23 September – Sunday 8 October
TERM 4 Monday 9 October No later than
Friday 8 December
Labour Day: 23 October
Christmas Day: 25 December
Boxing Day: 26 December
New Year’s Day: 1 January
School holidays: 5 or 6 weeks (from school’s closing date until opening date of school the following year)

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