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Year 13 Mufti Week

October 24, 2023 - October 27, 2023

Mufti Week Themes

Monday 23 October:
Labour day (not in school)

Tuesday 24 October:
Casual mufti 

Wednesday 25 October:
Character dress up day fictional (from a movie or book)

Thursday 26 October:
Celebrity dress up day (actors/actresses, singers, sports players etc)

Friday 27 October:
Careers mufti dress up (your future career)

Props are not permitted as part of your costume/dress attire and no outfit that makes a political stance or could be deemed offensive to a particular culture and religion can be worn.

Normal mufti dress code applies: 


  1. The clothing, although casual, must be appropriate for a college environment.
  2. No slogans referring to smoking, alcohol and/or drugs, or any sexual or inappropriate connotations.
  3. The mid-section of the body is to be covered, and any student wearing a skirt or shorts deemed inappropriate will be required to wear one provided by the college (all skirts and shorts should be at least mid-thigh in length i.e., no midi/mini-skirts or short shorts).
  4. No see-through clothing.
  5. Footwear is to be smart/casual. School shoes will be issued to students who wear inappropriate footwear.  Suitable footwear, i.e., enclosed shoes, are still required for practical classes like PE & Health, Science and Technology.
  6. The normal standards of hair colour apply so please do not colour your hair for the day.
  7. Do not bring any props


October 24, 2023
October 27, 2023

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