Drama and Theatre

Challenges students to broaden their thinking, gives opportunities to develop self-discipline, self-confidence, advanced communication skills, research skills and an awareness of the cultural and social significance of theatre within society as a collective and individual experience.

Drama and Theatre Studies are both part of the curriculum and offered within the college co-curricular activities.

As an extra offering to students, we employ outside tutors to run small workshops.

Co-Curricular Drama

Co-Curricular Drama gives the wider community of the college an opportunity to be involved in the process of “Play-Making”.

Students from the whole college are welcome to take part in the programme and many students who experience being involved in production will remember it as one of the most exciting and enjoyable times at college. The students get an opportunity to work with others, meet new friends, learn new skills, challenge themselves and ultimately be involved in Performance production.

Our productions are an expression of the college within the local community and are a direct link between the college, parents and wider Botany Downs Community.

The Co-curricular Drama programme currently offers students the opportunity to compete in the Sheilah Winn Schools Shakespeare competition, be involved in the Senior Production, Junior Production or School Production (i.e. play or musical).

Students can take part in the production on stage or as part of the back stage crew which includes lighting, costume, make-up and stage crews. A production is only successful with support and the backstage crew are an integral part of any show team. All these groups are ably supported by staff members who support the co-curricular Drama programme during “Production”.

Years 9 – 13

At year 9 the students are given an introduction to drama making, working in whole and small group activities.

They are given the opportunity to develop work for performance in this introduction to techniques and dramatic conventions.

At Year 10 Drama develops into Theatre Studies

Where students are exposed to a wide range of theatrical styles and genre, work collaboratively on performances, research about theatre form, respond to live theatre and are introduced to design and directorial skills.

The year 10 course is a solid preparation for students who wish to continue through to year 11 as well as offering student’s unique opportunities to develop their communication skills, self-confidence and ability to work collaboratively within a creative framework.

In Years 11 – 13 students follow a curriculum of study which prepares them for the NZQA NCEA assessments.

Each year the programme of study is developed in relation to the group’s previous experiences and in consideration to the Drama opportunities available to the students in the wider community.

The courses are created so that students study performance techniques, theatre form and genre, practitioners of theatre, devising theatre for performance and live drama performance.

At all levels the students are given opportunities to experience as many different live drama shows as possible in Auckland and locally.

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