Guidelines for Online Learning

Students remain at home until we are advised by the government that they can return to school grounds. 

Check your school emails before school each day, along with posts in your Microsoft Teams and / or OneNote.   

If you are experiencing issues in connecting to Office 365 (e.g. password expired) please advise one of your teachers who can then contact our IT support team to support.

General Expectations

  • Put your health and your family first and continue to follow all government advice in order to stay safe.
  • Check your school email account at least once a day and reply if necessary.
  • Existing classroom platforms for sharing learning activities e.g. TEAMS, OneNote, email will continue to be used, depending on individual subjects, and the different tasks.
  • Remember teachers may be with their families as well so know that they will respond to your emails and give feedback when possible.
  • Continue to uphold College values (Our Way) in every context and support your friends and teachers.

Timetabled subjects and activities

  • Teachers will provide lessons/tasks for each of your timetabled classes. This may be set as a block of lessons with expected timeframes or day-by-day lessons/activities.
  • You can be flexible on when you complete the learning, but it is recommended that you adhere to a regular timetable, routine that suits your circumstances. It is important that weekly checkpoints are met.
  • You will demonstrate that you are learning by completing the outcomes set by your teacher each week or day. This will equate to about 3-4 hours of learning per subject per week.
    • Teachers provide valuable learning opportunities, engaging activities and work of value, so please complete all learning activities provided.
    • Your teachers may advise you of a time when they will be online and available to provide more direct support, for instance through messaging on Teams. When this takes place, it will always be in one of your usual timetabled slots for that subject so that two teachers won’t be asking you to be in contact with both at the same time.

    Contact Information

    • Concerned about a subject?
      • Contact your subject teacher via email, OneNote or TEAMS.
      • If you become unwell and unable to meet your learning targets email your subject teachers to let them know.
    • Concerned about your wellbeing?
      • Make sure you talk openly with your parents/caregivers and whānau.
      • Consider other sources of support that are listed on the BDSC Guidance and Counselling page. If you are already working with a school counsellor, continue to communicate with them using school email during term time (email contacts are listed on the webpage). If you have immediate concern around safety of yourself or someone else, speak to a trusted adult and / or call 111 for support.
    • Concerned about your health?
      • Contact Healthline:
        • Coronavirus related 0800 358 5453
        • General Health related 0800 611 116

    Further information is available here:

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