Enrolment Process

We welcome applications from both In-Zone and Out-of-Zone (Selective Entry) Students. First, check your zoning, then apply using the correct application. Once your application has been processed, there is an enrolment interview and lastly confirmation.

2024 Enrolments

2024 In Zone enrolment applications are available to download from our website.

Are you In Zone or Out of Zone?

Check the boundaries for Botany Downs Secondary College by viewing a list of our In Zone street addresses.

Children who live in our school’s area (In Zone) are guaranteed a place.

Enrolments for Out of Zone 2024 closed 4pm Wednesday 30 August 2023.


Complete the appropriate application form

Alternatively, you can visit us to pick one up. The Enrolment Office is located at Reception.

Applications must be made and will be processed according to the Botany Downs Secondary College enrolment policy with the official application form completed in full. Supplementary documentation required is as follows:

  1. Verification of usual place of residence. Owners must supply a copy of a Sale & Purchase agreement, a recent electricity account (or provide verification from the electrical supplier) and one further utility account e.g. phone bill, insurance receipt, car registration that is current with name and address.
    Those renting must include a copy of a fixed term rental agreement of a council approved rateable dwelling that is valid for the period of 12 months from the first day the student commences school at Botany Downs Secondary College, along with a recent electricity account (or provide verification from the electrical supplier). A bond lodgement receipt from the Department of Building & Housing and a shipping receipt for personal and household items from overseas or other cities. If not applicable then a receipt for the purchase of essential household items is to be supplied.
    For those families who have moved from an address in New Zealand, a copy of the Post Office mail re-direction receipt is to be supplied, along with a copy of the ‘Final Reading’ electricity account of their previous address.
  2. A copy of the applicant’s latest school report.
  3. A copy of the applicant’s immunisation record.
  4. For New Zealand Citizens – Birth Certificate or Passport or New Zealand Citizenship Certificate.
  5. For Non-New Zealand Citizens – Copies of Student’s Passport with Residence Permit or Student Passport with Student Visa and Parent Passport with Work Permit.

Legal Guardianship Order/Authorised Primary Duty of Care must be long-standing arrangement and not created solely for the purpose of gaining entry to the school. If Authorised Primary Duty of Care, written evidence from a NZ Lawyer must be provided and attached, substantiating the legality and existing long-term nature of this relationship.

The above procedures apply to all year level enrolments. The Board of Trustees advises that places at all year levels are likely to be at a premium.

Botany Downs Secondary College may actively collect information and make all enquiries necessary in its opinion to ensure that enrolment details contained in this application are accurate.

To complete the application process, you and your child will be required to attend an enrolment interview. We will contact you to arrange an interview time. Upon completion of the enrolment process, the College will send you written confirmation of acceptance.

Incomplete forms will be returned to you for completion.


Once your application has been processed you will be required to attend an enrolment interview as part of our enrolment process.

This allows students, parents or caregivers time to ask any questions regarding the college and discuss options relating to the student’s year level.

Each student is interviewed with interviews taking 20 minutes for Year 9 and 30 minutes for Years 10 – Years 13.  Interviews are conducted by our Senior Leadership Team, Whanau Leaders or Heads of Learning.


During the interview, a starting date will be confirmed. Information about uniform fitting times and stationery requirements will also be available. An email will also be sent to confirm.

Get in contact with our Enrolment Officer

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