High Performance Programme

The High Performance Programme aims to provide specialised testing, goal setting, and daily training for athletes at Botany Downs Secondary College.

Athletes are nominated from their respective codes, then undertake six generic assessments and up to three sports specific conditioning or skill related assessments. Quarterly goals are set and training takes place 3:30 pm Sunday to Friday.

Athletes are required to attend a minimum of three sessions, although those with particularly heavy training schedules can negotiate in order to use the HPAP to complement their existing programme of training and competition.

Each session is based on three sections

  • Speed and agility
  • Weight training and conditioning
  • Lactic tolerance training

The core of athletes who averaged more than three sessions per week, achieved significant results; we can expect gains of 10% in speed work and close to 100% in some strength and muscular endurance activities in the next cycle for quarterly testing.

High Performance Programme is for athletes who want to reach their potential, thriving on the intensity and regularity of training sessions and the goals of representing New Zealand becoming a step closer. The knowledge gained in nutrition, recovery, and training gives our High Performance Programme athletes a unique advantage.

Counties Manukau Sport have taken huge interest in the quality of our college programme and have offered their expertise to ensure we keep up-to-date with best practice from around the globe.