The Arts

Botany Downs Secondary College promotes opportunities to be positive, motivated and to set goals to contribute and enhance talent in the Arts.

We provide excellent opportunities for students to experience and explore the Arts with specialised teaching staff in the fields of Dance, Drama and TheatreMusicVisual Art, Art History, Design and Photography.

Student’s participating in the Arts are provided with education experiences outside the classroom with external providers offering shows, performances, galleries, and museums.  Aiding and preparing them for the future and a chance to explore interests, strive for excellence and discover their potential.

The College runs a co-curricular programme that students are encouraged to join, show commitment, be active and involved. Outstanding achievement in these activities are recognised by an elite and prestigious award system called Honours Awards.

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Integrates thinking, moving and feeling through dance education...

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Drama & Theatre

Challenging students, developing self-discipline and so much more...

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Promoting and fostering the participation and enjoyment of music...

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