College Standards and Procedures

Parent/Guardian Handbook:


This handbook is an A-Z ready-reference of College procedures and standards. We are proud of our students and are committed to maintaining high standards for our community.

The Botany Values of Respect, Integrity, Empathy and Excellence underpin all for which we strive.

Botany Downs Secondary College focuses on high expectations of student commitment to achievement, an emphasis on personal development, care for one another and a desire to form strong partnerships with parents and others in a learning community.

We have a clear sense of direction and certainty about our vision, philosophy, core values and standards. Our conceptual framework draws on a blend of international research among leading schools, wide experience, and well-informed evaluation of trends in education.

Our Whanau system, as the basis of pastoral care, provides exceptional support for individual students. Each Whanau promotes group cohesion and establishes an identity for each student that is related to a physical and social environment.

When our students leave us, we want them to stride into the world of further education and employment, well qualified and skilled, and equipped to handle the challenges of the world in which they will live, learn, serve, and work. We welcome your active participation in making this vision a reality.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any queries. Key contacts include your child’s Whānau Leader, the Senior Leadership Team, the Guidance Counsellors, School Nurse, Special Education Needs Co-ordinator and Careers Advisor.

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Our Logo

The BDSC logo represents the concept that the students are viewed as a seed being nurtured by their whānau (teachers, students, family) and the wider community. The upwards direction of the logo represents that as a learning organisation we are progressing upwards, continuously improving.

Our logo is consistent with our mission, vision and values statement.

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