Board of Trustees

All state and state-integrated schools in New Zealand have a board of trustees.

The board of trustees is the Crown entity responsible for the governance and the control of the management of the school. The board is the employer of all staff in the college, is responsible for setting the college’s strategic direction in consultation with parents, staff and students, and ensuring that its college provides a safe environment and quality education for all its students. Boards are also responsible for overseeing the management of personnel, curriculum, property, finance and administration.

The May 2016 triennial election for the Board of Trustees resulted in the election of five Parent Representatives and one Staff Representative for the term 2016-2019. The Student Representative is elected by the student body on an annual basis in November each year to sit on the Board for the following college year. The Principal is a member of the board. The board can also co-opt members.

For more information about the role of the Board of Trustees visit the New Zealand School Trustees Association website .

Board members welcome you contacting them.

Mr Ian Marshall (JP)


Once again the students and staff continue to perform and achieve at levels the community and Board can justifiably be proud of.

Our community at Botany Downs Secondary College is blessed with students who are developing their character and knowledge to the extent that their accomplishments within the college environment, the community, nationally and even internationally, are exceptional. It positions our college as one of the best performing in NZ.

The college vision for our students is two-pronged. It is a combination of achieving academically to the best of their ability whilst also possessing citizenship and life skills that demonstrate our vision Knowledge with Character.

The Board this year reviewed the mission and vision statements of the college to ensure that we continue to challenge ourselves as a college and community. Our students will be prepared for their next steps in life so that when they leave BDSC, they can stand tall, walk proudly and be able to take on life’s challenges and opportunities.

As a Board, we endeavour to provide the best possible environment for learning and achieving. We also set goals and expectations for the staff and management. The aim is to provide each student with the best possible opportunity to benefit from their time at Botany Downs Secondary College.

Committee member of
  • Executive (Chair)
  • Financial Governance, Audit and Risk
  • Discipline
  • Health and Safety
  • Personnel

A message from our 2017 Student Representative

Hao Chen Li

The roles and responsibilities I have come to experience through my position as the Student Representative of Botany Downs Secondary College have been very beneficial in my development as an individual.

Part of such development occurred when I attended a workshop hosted by the New Zealand School Trustees Association, where I learned about the duties of the role and gained a stronger understanding of the school system. It was interesting and inspiring to be part of a program, but overall it was comforting to know that there were others like me and I was not the only one being thrown into the unknown.

During the monthly meetings of the board, I often felt overpowered by the sheer passion that each board member brings for the well-being of the school. It is truly astounding to not only watch but also be a part of the ongoing discussions made in the boardroom.

I feel as if the sacrifice of the numerous hours that each individual board member puts into the planning and execution of activities go unnoticed and are unappreciated by the student body, however, I would like to personally thank the board for these actions.

I would like to thank everyone at the school who gave me the opportunity to be a board member. I would also like to give my sincerest appreciation to those on the board; you have made me proud to be a student of BDSC and given me a newfound respect for the “behind-the-scenes” workings of our school.

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