Blake Whānau Year 9 Camp

10 Mar 2023

My Crazy Camp Experience

Camp. I cannot even begin to describe the experience of my life! I’m bathing in nostalgia as special and joyous memories come to mind, like for example when half the bus fell asleep coming back to school and photos were taken to show how tired we all were and displayed them at our next assembly.

But why talk about coming back to school when I could talk about the beach activities, the fun, the arguments and the decision-making were hilarious. The lengths the lead students went to to deal with us, I must say, was incredible. For even though we broke three records, we screamed like a bunch of babies, laughed like a pack of hyenas, and ran until our lungs were gasping for breath.

I absolutely must mention the mountain we climbed when at Devonport because our adventure started there. Yes, it was steep, and the tunnels freaked some of us out, but we ran, explored and climbed into places. But, I mean, how else were we to finish first? And for the record, we did not finish first!

The meals had a lot of hard work put into them, and we were also involved in the helping and cleaning process.

If you were to ask me, I would go to any length possible to come back to this camp. The memories you make are unforgettable. It’s an amazing start to the year, making friends and getting to know our lead students. Trying to explain this unique feeling of happiness you feel bubbling up around you at camp would truly be impossible.

~ Jasneet Banga 9B7

Camp at Sir Peter Blake MERC was a great experience for all of us in Blake Whānau! Camp never disappoints the students and always gives everyone unlimited opportunities to build relationships with not only each other but also the Lead Students and teachers. We all got to work together, develop new skills, try new things, and face our fears.

~ Pepper Jukes 9B1


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