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Newsletter, Edition 4, 2022

2022 Term 2, Week 1.
Contains: Principal's Message; Message from the Board; Lunchtime Tertiary Series; Paper Recycling Easter Origami Event; Sports Update; International Mathematical Modelling Challenge 2022; Church Parking; Alumni News; Car Wash Fundraiser for Blake Whānau; Protect You and Your Whānau from Measles; Associate Referee Course; Spoil Mum This Mother's Day; Upcoming Events and Contact Us.MORE

06 May 2022

Alumni Newsletter, Term 1, 2022

Alumni Newsletter, Term 1, 2022
Contains: Principal's Message; Message from the School Board; Our 2022 Head Students; Alumni News; Sponsorship; Matches and Hatches; BDSC Opening March 2004; Academic Achievements; 2021 Award Winners; 'The Year of the Plague' - 2021 Production; Music Department; 2021 Student Achievements; Entertainment Membership; Contact UsMORE

13 Apr 2022

Newsletter, Edition 3, 2022

2022 Term 1, Week 9
Contains: Principal's Message; Message From the Board; Highest Needs Review; Lunchtime Tertiary Series; Blake Year 9 at Adrenaline Forest; Discovery News; Endeavour News; Science Club Amazing Race; Sports Update; Student ID Cards; Mufti Day; Uniform Shop Extra Hours; 2021 Yearbooks; Dental Planet; Upcoming Events; Contact Us.MORE

01 Apr 2022

Newsletter, Edition 2, 2022

2021 Term 1, Week 5
Contains: Principal's Message; Unwell Students; Endeavour News; Discovery Whānau - Adrenaline Forest Trip; Music Department; Sports Update; Paper Recycling Valentines Day Event; Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze Practice Trip; Alumni; Tamariki Time; Investigating Speeds Around Auckland Schools; Entertainment Membership; Upcoming Events; Contact Us.MORE

04 Mar 2022

Newsletter, Edition 1, February 2022

2022 Term 1, Week 2
Contains: Principal's Message; Teachers Paid Union Meeting; Housekeeping; Senior Ball; Gateway; Sports Update; Enviroschools Paper Recycling Group; 2022 Who to Contact; Whanau Shirt Distribution; 2022 Head Students; 2021 Yearbook; Student ID Cards; Finance Centre; Uniform Shop Hours; Student Achievements; Alumni; Free Microsoft Online Sessions for Parents; Period Products in Schools; Athletes Foot School Rewards Program; Entertainment Membership; Dental Planet; Upcoming Events; Contact Us.MORE

21 Feb 2022

Newsletter, Edition 9, December 2021

2021 Term 4, Week 8
Contains: Principal's Message; Board's Message; 2021 Senior Award Winners; 2021 Junior Award Winners; Head Students 2022; Lead Students 2022; Sports Awards 2021; Arts Awards; Endeavour News; Junior End of Year Activities; Enviroschools; Mia Casa Architectural Design Challenge 2021 - Winners; Chemistry Success; 2022 Stationery; 2022 Uniform Shop Online Booking System; Yearbook 2021; School Sport NZ; Student Achievements; Alumni; Entertainment Membership; Dental Planet; 2022 Start Up Dates; Upcoming Events; Contact Us.MORE

10 Dec 2021

Parent Update – 2 December

Today’s update includes information about the following: New Covid-19 Protection (Traffic Light) Framework; Junior’s Last day for 2021; Uniform Shop Online Booking System; Second-Hand Uniforms; 2022 Start Up Dates; 2022 Music Itinerant Programme; December Botany Bulletin

02 Dec 2021

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