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27 Oct 2021

2021 International Chemistry Quiz

Our students smashed it this year especially our Level 3 Chemistry students.

Kevin Fu 13J11 achieved HIGH DISTINCTION EXCELLENCE and topped the New Zealand participants with a full 30/30.

From ICQ:
“Many congratulations to KEVIN FU who achieved a score of 30 out of 30! The only student in New Zealand to do this. He will be receiving an ICQ lapel pin.”

Breakdown of
Level 3 Awards

High Distinction Excellence:

Kevin Fu 13J11

High Distinction:

Saahil Patel 13J11


Faith Ang 13B13
Jennifer Cao 13E2
Chi Chi Hing 13J11
Jesse Li 13J11
Hong Yu Ling 13J11
Rishita Narayan 13J5
Simran Singh 13J5


Elaine Huang 13J11
Jonathan Phou 13D9

Breakdown of
Level 2 Awards

High Distinction:

Nikhil Karthik 11K12


Nawar Alghothani 12S10
Jessica Dixon 12S4
Madi Taylor 12S4
Jessica Wong 12S4
Nannapat Wong 11K12

2021 Chemistry Olympiad Nationals

The competition was held on 20 October, during Lockdown.


KEVIN FU 13J11 – (above 90th percentile) a mark of at least 37/40


NIKHIL KARTHIK 11K12 – (70th-90th percentile) a mark of 32/40 to 36/40

This is an amazing result for our school since it was cancelled last year due to Covid.

Both have qualified for the next round which will eventually place them on the International Olympiad Platform if they qualify.


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