Congratulations to all of our Scholarship Winners

21 Feb 2022

38 Scholarships including 2 Outstanding Scholarships!

A massive congratulations to those students who gained a scholarship in last year’s New Zealand Scholarship exams held at the same time as the NCEA external exams.  Overall, our students gained 38 Scholarships, including two Outstanding Scholarships. Given the year we had last year, these are amazing results that reflect their hard work and dedication to their studies.

2021 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Faiza Aboobacker
  • Jess Li
  • Jamilah Alombro
  • Hong Yu Lin
  • Jennifer Cao
  • Phuong Thi Cam Nguyen (2) (Year 12 in 2021)
  • Jinchien Chang (Year 12 in 2021)
  • Saahil Patel (3)
  • Jorja Diffey
  • Liam Pauling (2)
  • Kevin Fu (4) + (2 Outstanding)
  • Matthew Quot
  • Hui Chi Hing (2)
  • Ali Rasooli
  • Yiyang Huang (2)
  • Rawan Saadi
  • Trisan Huynh (Year 12 in 2021)
  • Jasmine Sidhu
  • Aarohi Karandikar
  • Michael Wilson
  • Nikhil Karthik (Year 11 in 2021)
  • Khai Wong
  • Ruixuan Li
  • Hei Yee Wong
  • Yingxuan Li

Our Dux last year, Kevin Fu, deserves special mention achieving four Scholarships in Biology, Calculus, English, Statistics and also gaining two Outstanding Scholarships in Chemistry and Physics. An awesome effort Kevin.

Well done to everyone involved, including those who attempted these additional exams. A lot of work and support is given by staff, whānau and the students to achieve at this level.

NZQA Scholarships Explained

New Zealand Scholarship assessments enable candidates to be assessed against challenging standards and are demanding for the most able candidates in each subject. Assessment is by either a written/spoken examination or by the submission of a portfolio or report of work produced throughout the year.

Scholarship candidates are expected to demonstrate high-level critical thinking, abstraction and generalisation, and to integrate, synthesise and apply knowledge, skills, understanding, and ideas to complex situations.

Approximately 3 per cent of Year 13 students studying each subject at Level 3 are awarded Scholarship, if they reach the standard that has been set. 


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