‘Emilia’ at the Pop Up Globe

18 Mar 2020

“Emilia” A play that originally featured at the Shakespeare’s Globe, London 2018, by Morgan Lloyd Malcom. “Emilia” was brought to stage in New Zealand 2020, directed by Miriama McDowell, featuring an all women cast. Simply as having an all-women cast now, was never the case 400 years ago. Botany Downs Secondary College students from Years 11, 12 & 13 who take Drama had the opportunity to watch “Emilia” on Thursday, 12th March.

This play signifies Emilia as strong, determined and hoping to be free. Absolutely sick of how she was treated. Totally disgusted over how women were handled, not with care but with fear. She was not only the voice of women who were afraid, but for women who no longer wanted to be afraid. The beginning of the play started with impact. The intention of showing how strong and powerful women are, compared to how they were treated before. It was a powerful play, yet still had remarkable timing regarding humour and characteristics.

Act 1 featured the three Emilia’s. Different actors playing the same character at different ages worked incredibly well as we could see the changes Emilia went through to become the person she was.

Act 2, still featuring the same three Emilia’s began to show how much she, as well as many women, wanted and needed their voice to be heard.

This play finished New Zealand’s Season of Pop-up Globe powerfully well.

Muriahua Pahi, 11B7

We will miss the wonderful opportunities that the Pop up Globe has given many of our students. To be able to have a small glimpse to experience what it was like in Shakespeare’s time, was fantastic!

Thank you to all the people involved who brought the Pop up Globe to life in New Zealand.


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