Fantastic Results for Year 10 Business Pathways Students

15 Sep 2020

Over lockdown, several Year 10 business students participated in the National Secondary Schools Case Competition – a business competition by the Management Consultation Club and University of Auckland. The competition involved the students reading and understanding a case study and how to help the business improve.

BDSC entered two teams to participate from our Year 10 Business Pathways classes. The members were Heather Lee, Alicia Prakash and Yash Gopicherran on Team IDK and Jessica Wong, Tony Dang Tran, Lucas Gonzales, and Nannapat Yump on Team Business Boomers. Teams came up with a business idea and financial plan to advertise and increase the sales of the popular juice company, Charlie’s, which the case study was about.

Both teams from BDSC got to the final four of the competition with one of our teams being victorious and winning.

“We had a couple of weeks to put our ideas, including our strategies and how we would implement our strategies, onto a document. We sent it in, and within a few days we heard back. Queue a sigh of relief, we had gotten into the finals. Within moments, however, we realised that we had barely a week to create a PowerPoint presentation and a script. The day finally came after long hard hours of practice. We presented our idea in front of four completely terrifying judges, answering all of their detailed questions about our idea and explain why we choose our particular methods, and somehow, we managed to last the unbelievably long 20 minutes long Zoom Call. Three days later, 6PM sharp, we all nervously sat into front of our screens, awaiting the results. They announced the runner up winners, and for a split second, I had an awful gut-wrenching feeling that we had failed. Then it came. They announced that the Business Boomers were the first-place winners. WE WON, WE DID IT! I squealed into the voice call and deafened my teammates.”

Nannapat Yump 10K12


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