Junior Talent Quest Results

07 Dec 2017

The results are in…

Overall Winner

Holly Robertson 10K12, Koru


  • FIRST: Chi Chi Hing 9J11, Britten
  • SECOND: Cynthia Gu 10E8, Endeavour
  • THIRD: Ginny Chen and Winnie Laing 9S4, Spirit


  • FIRST: Saraya McLean 9J5, Britten
  • SECOND: Mikki Lucman 10D3, Discovery
  • THIRD: Moriah Lino 9B1, Blake


  • FIRST: Levi Short 9K6, Koru
  • SECOND: Discovery Group – Olivia Creed, Crystal Chang, Josiah Paselio 9D3 and Joyce Liang 9D9
  • THIRD: Travis Lightband 9K12, Koru

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