Junior Talent Quest

08 Dec 2022

BDSC’s annual Talent Quest was held 5 December, giving students the opportunity and platform to showcase their talents in the performing arts.

This year, it was a massive success, showcasing 15 performances. All the students who performed did such an amazing job and it was wonderful seeing them thrive. We are proud to announce the winners of the Talent Quest.

In the Instrumental category we had:
1st: Jaydon Chan 9B7
2nd equal: Ivy Liong 9J5
2nd equal: Zida Guo 9D9

In the Vocalist category we had:
1st: Amazie Aloese 9J11
2nd: Harshadh Velu Thevar 10B7
3rd: Emerson Southey 10B1 and Jamie Lewis 10B1

And finally, in the Dance and Entertainment category we had:
1st: Amelia Irwin 9D9
2nd: Nova Wong 10S4
3rd: Disco 5 – Hannah Ghiyath 10D9, Aleisha Coleman 10D9, Karthiga Raveenthiran 10D9, Raunaq Matharu 10D9 and John Yang 10D9

A big thank you to all our performers and the students and staff who supported the running of the event.

~ Nikhil Karthik 12K12 and Jessica Wong 12K12


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