Level 2 Outdoor Education Learning New Skills

15 Mar 2022

Surfing at Raglan

Mr Morrison’s 2ODA (Level 2 Outdoor Education class) headed to Raglan last week (Sunday 6 March until Tuesday 8 March). At Ngarunui Beach in Raglan students learnt about rips, how to read the weather, waves, hazards and how to surf. Over the three days students participated in four surf sessions with instructors from Green Wave Raglan. It was awesome to see the students improve their skills, as they learnt how to pop up and turn their boards.

Sea Kayaking Around Ponui

Mrs Lawgate’s 2OED (Level 2 Outdoor Education class) participated in a three day sea kayak journey, where they navigated their way around Ponui Island.

The trip started at Mataitai Bay where they learnt how to wet exit from a kayak. From here they journeyed 15.5km to Chamberlain’s Bay, the first overnight stop. Students went searching for kiwi, but sadly did not see any, although it is reported the island has over 2000 kiwi on it. The next day the group ventured around the other side of the island making their way down to Motunau Bay where they would spend their second night. Students enjoyed swimming, relaxing and watching the sunset. Two students with teachers ventured out to try once again to find kiwi and were lucky enough to spot six! Including a baby kiwi. On the last morning students were up at the crack of dawn and on the water by 7.30am to start their last leg of the journey back to Mataitai bay.

The students did a fantastic job navigating the seas, and working together as a group.


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