A message from our 2017 Head Students

29 Mar 2017
Head Students for 2017

Hirzi Rafli Putra-Laksana, Head Boy
Alexandra Page, Head Girl

Tian Fong and Tommie Wiid, Deputy Head Boys
Florence Best and Samantha Oliver, Deputy Head Girls

Our school functions on the central vision of “knowledge with character”. As students and members of the Botany Downs Secondary College community, we place high value on this vision. With it, we encourage all students to increase their knowledge to better themselves as young adults. We also believe it is essential that they apply this knowledge to contribute to the local community and beyond, as we begin to take steps in becoming conscious global citizens.

Our school is set apart from others, as we place great importance on both achieving excellence academically, and on developing ourselves into strong and unique members of our society with our own personal identity and belonging. All this is achieved through our school’s approach in developing the students ‘Our Way’; a collection of the school’s integral values of excellence, empathy, integrity, and respect. Encouragement of these values, its application in school life and the development of our students allows them to excel in every aspect as a young adult.

One of the most important aspects of BDSC is the brilliant Whanau-based system. This system gives students an immediate sense of belonging within the school and along with our extensive co-curricular program, students have a platform to pursue areas outside the classroom to enrich their individual capabilities and fulfil their interests. The incredible teachers and staff of BDSC, who continue to show endless support for all students, are the cornerstone for success in these three key areas of our school – academics, the Whanau-based system and the co-curricular program.

The Head Team of 2017 places particular emphasis on better student experiences at BDSC while working with teachers,  staff, and other members of the community to improve the environment in which we learn. We find it immensely important to connect with the community around us and we will aim to create new ways and opportunities in which we, as students and as a school, can reach out to the wider community including other schools. Another area that we, as the Head Team, would like to pursue this year is to encourage students to reach their full potential, especially around the areas of leadership and active participation in the numerous opportunities that the school provides. We believe that through these initiatives, we can grow the students and therefore the success of our school and vision.

As the Head student team of BDSC we aim to be transparent and engaging with all our peers as we take great pride in helping to lead an outstanding group of young adults through their college life. We would like to encourage all our peers to do their absolute best in all aspects of school life and to not be afraid to step out of their comfort zone to advance their capabilities. Each school year always contains its challenges, however BDSC is a supportive and positive environment where our peers can be sure to conquer any challenge they may face.

On behalf of the Botany Downs Secondary College community we would like to wish all our students another exceptional year at the college. Above all, we aim to instil self-belief in our peers as it is at the core of their achievement and to this, they will have the support of their entire school community –

“Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini”;

It is not my strength alone but the strength of many that contribute to my success!

Let 2017 be a year of positive growth and learning!


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