Mid-Autumn Festival

23 Nov 2023

A Taste of Tradition: Dumpling-Making in Our Chinese Class

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, students in our Chinese class started a delightful culinary adventure, coming together to create traditional Chinese dumplings. The process was a blend of culture and enjoyment, bringing us closer to the heart of Chinese tradition.

Our journey began with the joyful task of making the dumplings. Students gathered around, eagerly rolling up their sleeves and preparing the ingredients. Finely chopped vegetables and juicy meat were combined to create a filling, reflecting the diverse flavours and textures in the traditional Chinese cuisine. Under the guidance of our teacher Mrs Kuang, we folded and pinched the dumpling wrappers, shaping them, and each carrying the savoury flavours – with our own unique shapes and styles of the dumplings.

Next came the stage of boiling the dumplings – a crucial step in transforming our creations into mouth-watering delights. The air filled with the aroma of boiling dumplings. We watched in excitement as the dumplings danced in the bubbling water.

Finally, the long-awaited moment arrived as we gathered around the table, eager to taste the boiled dumplings. With dipping sauces ready, we dug into the steaming dumplings – It was delicious!

Laughter and conversation flowed freely as we exchanged stories and cultural insights, deepening our appreciation for the rich traditions behind this beloved Chinese festival. The experience was a reminder that food serves as a universal language, uniting us in celebration.

In the end, our Chinese class’s dumpling not only delighted our taste buds but also enriched our understanding of Chinese culture, leaving us with memories after the last dumpling was enjoyed.

~ Matthew Pan 13E2


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