Parent Update – 6 September

06 Sep 2021

It is encouraging to see the number of community cases heading in the right direction and awesome to see that we didn’t jump up after the weekend.  We are in this together and we are certainly holding the line and making a positive difference as a region. With that in mind we are preparing for the move to Alert Level 3.

As announced by the Prime Minister, the college will only be open for young people in Years 9 and 10 whose parents or carers need to go to work and there is no alternative person who can supervise them.  There is also an option for some senior secondary students to attend at a school’s discretion and we must gain permission from the Ministry of Education first. Our priority will be for Year 13 students who take practical based subjects and those that need access to specialist resources to progress practical projects and folio boards. The next priority group will be the Year 12s. 

Today’s update includes information about the following:
  • School Exams
  • Key Assessment Date Changes
  • Numeracy and Literacy Pilot Exams
  • Option Selections
  • Year 9 Subject Rotations
  • Lead and Head Student Applications
  • A word from our Counsellors

Senior School Exams:

As a result of the external NCEA examinations being deferred to Monday 22 November until Tuesday 14 December, and the continuing disruption caused by Covid, we have decided to move the senior school practice examinations to Term 4. If Covid alert levels permit, the senior school practice examinations will now run from Tuesday 19 October to Friday 29 October inclusive. This will allow for additional tuition and preparation time in Term 3.

We believe that the school examinations provide our senior students with valuable feedback and guidance in preparing for the end of year examinations. Our practice examinations will also provide valuable moderated evidence should the final NCEA examinations be impacted by Covid. Please follow this link to access the revised timetable

Key Assessment Date Changes:

As a result of the changes to our senior school examination timetable dates, we have moved several other key assessment events into Term 4. The following events and dates have now been set, pending Covid alert levels:

  • MCAT – Wednesday 20 October in the morning.
  • Level 1 (DIT) DCAT – Friday 29 October in the morning.
  • Level 2 (DIP, DIT) DCAT – Tuesday 26 October in the morning.
  • Level 3 (DIP, DIT) DCAT – Tuesday 26 October in the afternoon.
  • Year 10 Literacy Pilot Exam – Friday 29 October in the morning.
  • Year 10 Numeracy Pilot Exam – Friday 29 October in the afternoon.

Numeracy and Literacy Pilot Exams

Parents of all Year 10 students, with the exception of international students, would have received an email on Thursday 12 August regarding the Literacy and Numeracy Pilot exam.  Due to the current lockdown, NZQA has deferred the timeframe for schools to complete this exam.  Students will now sit this exam on Friday 29 October during senior exams (Covid Alert Levels permitting) – details are below.

Friday 29 October – Pilot Trial Exam:

All Year 10 students sit the Literacy and Numeracy exam, except for 1MAX students who will only sit the Literacy exam. Year 10 International students do not sit the Numeracy or Literacy exam.

  • Year 10 Literacy (Reading & Writing)
    10am start (total 2-hour exam – 1 hour reading/1 hour writing)
  • Year 10 Numeracy
    1pm start (total 1 hour exam)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Option Selections

Thank you for the guidance you have given your child/ren to make their option choices for 2022. It is our intention to close the course selection function in the web portal today (Monday 6 September). Please ensure that your son/daughter has completed their option selections asap.

Year 9 Subject Rotations

Year 9 students will start their final Technology and Visual Performing Arts (VPA) subjects on Monday 20 September.  The only exception to this is 9D9 as they will change their Technology subject only and remain in their current VPA subject.

The student’s new subject teacher will send out an introductory email and invite them to a Microsoft TEAMS class.  Students can also check their subjects on the school web portal after Friday 17 September. Below is the subject that each tutor class will change into:

(Key: ART = Art, DAN = Dance, MUS = Music, DRA = Drama)
9K6 ART 9B7 DAN 9E8 DRA 9J17 DAN 9S10 DRA
9J11 MUS 9K12 ART 9D9 no change of subject
(Key: DVC = Design & Visual Communications, TEF = Food Technology,
DIT = Digital Technology, MTY = Multi Materials
9K6 DIT 9B7 DVC 9E8 TEF 9J17 DVC 9S10 TEF
9J11 MTY 9K12 DIT 9D9 DIT

Lead and Head Student Applications for 2022 are now open

All current Year 11 and Year 12 students ONLY can apply. Students will be emailed out the link, but it can also be found on Sharepoint > students > Leadership positions

  • Lead and Head Nominations for 2022 positions open 7am today (Monday 6 September 2021).
  • Lead and Head applications must be submitted by 4pm on Friday 10 September 2021.
  • Year 12 only will vote to create a short-list for the final ballot for Head Students on Wednesday 15 September 2021.
  • Final Voting for Years 9-12 for Head Students 2022 will take place on Wednesday 22 September 2021.
  • Lead students: ​Whānau Leaders will decide if you need to present to your whanau.
  • Years 9-12 will vote for Whānau Lead students on Wednesday 22 September 2021.
  • There is also an interview process for potential Head students after the completion of voting. This will take place (at a time to be advised) during Week 3 of Term 4. This finalises the team for 2022.
  • The Student Leaders for next year will be announced at the Year 11 and Year 12 Awards Ceremonies.

A word from our Counsellors

When we are faced with sudden change to our daily way of life it is normal to experience some anxiety.In the current lockdown situation, some of us find we have more unstructured time. In such times we may experience the resurfacing of feelings related to past grief or other past difficult/traumatic life experiences. Don’t panic!! This is a normal phenomenon.  It may be that now is a time to look inward/become introspective and allow some healing and growth to occur.

Seek extra support from trusted family members or friends if you need to, or helplines such as Need to Talk (free call/ text to 1737) which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please see for a list of helpful resources for accessing information and support for families during this time of lockdown. It may be something you need, or you can share it with someone who needs that extra help!

Stay home and stay safe. Be kind to one another and don’t forget to be kind to yourself too.

Karen Brinsden


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