ShowQuest 2022

26 Jul 2022

BDSC competed in the Performing Arts Competition, ShowQuest 2022, held at the Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre/Aotea Theatre.  This year the dance troupe placed third over 20 other schools. Not only did the BDSC dance troupe place but they also received recognition for Best Theme & Best Choreography.

Here is the intention behind the student lead 10 minute performance as written by Diza Arora.

New Zealand is a country that is incredibly diverse. We proudly represent the ethnic culture and traditions of countless nationalities. With over 80% of New Zealand’s population being immigrants, it’s very easy to forget the daily hardships that immigrants face. This year, Botany Downs Secondary College focused on the experiences of refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers. Our dance showcases the narrative of an immigrant family and their challenging quest to assimilate into the New Zealand culture. Our theme, ‘An Immigration Tale’, hopes to inspire you, as the audience, to appreciate and celebrate the many migrants living in New Zealand.

We are so proud of the 50 students who participated in this amazing co-curricular and it shows that Botany Downs Secondary College is leading the way in the Performing Arts and getting the recognition they deserve. Thank you to the teachers in charge Mrs Jacks, Mrs McKenna & Mr Sequeira.


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