Trees for Survival

14 Aug 2020

On Friday, the 31st of July, the Trees for Survival group took part in our first tree planting day. Around 18 students, decked out in gumboots and warm jackets, travelled down to Ararimu, Ramarama with a determination to plant all 800 New Zealand native trees we have been taking care of.

This journey has involved months of preparation, from receiving the seedlings to weeding, pruning and watering them while they were housed in the shade houses in front of Britten Whanau. We have had some challenges with lockdown, water shortages and delays in being able to plant, but we finally got there and it was great. We got mud on our hands (or whole body for some of us!). It has been a really, rewarding experience.

Joined by the farm dogs, Zeb and Kai, Matt (the owner of the farm), Linzi (the Trees for Survival coordinator) and Ms Rooke (Teacher in charge) we all had an exciting and eventful day digging, feeding the cows, patting the dogs and planting the trees. The Trees for Survival programme has provided an opportunity for BDSC students to be part of restoring New Zealand’s natural heritage and that is awesome!

Nuoya Huang 13E2


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