Visual & Performing Arts Awards

We celebrated the fourth annual Visual & Performing Arts Awards on Thursday night.

Uxbridge Arts Centre was a lovely venue and set a delightful atmosphere to celebrate and acknowledge the depth of talent in our school.

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful evening.


Overall Awards Highlighted

  • Most Valuable Contribution to Arts – in a Technical Roll: Jamie Harford
  • The Step Up Award in The Arts: Daniel Major for his running of Front of House and the VIP, for Bravo/Encore/Pulse.
  • The Performing Arts Award: Ray Santiago


  • Choreography Award: Hayley Meale
  • Leadership in Dance Year 13: Ray Santiago
  • Leadership in Dance Year 12: Jada Daly-Heseltine
  • Most Promising Newcomer in Year 11 Dance: Katarina Pickering
  • Most Valuable Supporting Contribution to Dance: Jamie Harford
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Dance: Crystal Chow
  • Most Creative Performance for Student Choreography: Alyssa Mosby
  • Leadership, Stage Challenge: Hayley Meale
  • Leadership, SDNZ: Alex Page
  • Most Improved Dancer: Carla Coetze


  • Most Creative Performance in Drama: Robert Raynes
  • Most Creative Physical Theatre Performance: Celine Dam
  • Best Supporting Actor: Emily Payne
  • Best Actor: Tabarek Al Jebouri
  • Most Promising Actor: Jake Fanstone
  • Most Valuable Supporting Contribution to Drama: Taine Rogers
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Drama, for Backstage/FOH at Sheilah Winn: Keeha Riley
  • Effort and Commitment in Drama, Male: Daniel Payne
  • Effort and Commitment in Drama, Female: Sophie Fraser
  • Most Promising Newcomer in Drama: Saraya Mclean


  • Itinerant Award for Wind: Shu-Xing Ong
  • Itinerant Award for Guitar: Wayne Ybanez
  • Itinerant Award for Strings: Stephanie Ung
  • Itinerant Award for Singing: Abigail Patchigalla
  • Itinerant Award for Drums: Jamie Green
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Orchestra: Tavite Tonga
  • Most Improved Player in Orchestra: Winnie Liang
  • Most Valuable Contribution to Concert Band: Harry Zhang
  • Most Improved Player in Concert Band: Shu Xian Ong
  • Barbershop: Francesca Long
  • Contribution to Classical Music: Derek Long

Visual Art

  • Wearable Arts: Ashley Dolden

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