Year 10 Art Students Explore Sculptureum

23 Nov 2022

As we got on the bus and began our trip to the Sculptureum, all of us were buzzing with excitement. Once we had arrived, we exited the busses and had a briefing from one of the staff before eating our morning tea. After eating, we began exploring in our groups.  

The first place my group went to was the garden. There were some incredible sculptures along the way and the garden was decorated with beautiful bushes of flowers. As we continued along, we discovered that there were many aviaries, all filled with stunning birds, even one that would repeat what you said! There was also a rabbit pen, and a lot of us spent quite a bit of time feeding the rabbits some greens that one of the staff had given us.  

We then moved inside to look at the gallery indoors. There were many sculptures in the first few rooms that consisted of a majority of glass art, which were breath-taking. As we went on, there were art pieces such as walls of flowers and other sculptures that appeared to be made from metals and recycled materials. We continued through these rooms, five or more in total, before the final door led us through a hallway to the outside area. On this trail, there were even more incredible art pieces including a stack of giant Lego heads, giant metal insects, and a few sculptures that had water elements, making them like fountains. Toward the end of this trail, there were giant pink snails! In this area there were also many other sculptures surrounding the snails. 

After this, we moved to our final activity, the painting. We were given many colours of paint and the choice of rocks or small tiles to paint on. We then spent a while painting these, before leaving them to dry and having lunch. Around this time, the rain got quite heavy, but some of us still went to have some fun and went on a walk back to the aviaries and rabbit pen. We met back at the busses at 1:15 and made our way back to school, everyone talking about how much fun they had on the Sculptureum trip.  

Overall, I think I can speak for most of us that went on this trip, it was an amazing experience that we all enjoyed and were very grateful to have the opportunity for. We had such a fun time and made many memories, along with being able to see some incredible and inspiring artwork/sculptures. 

~ Lily Chisholm 10J11


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