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09 Apr 2018
Matt Shearer (Silver) for schools finals

Premier Tennis Schools Final

Saturday 7 April

On Saturday, our Botany Premier Tennis Boys team took on the Behemoth of Tennis that was St Kents for 1st and 2nd Place for the school teams at Scarbro Tennis Centre.

We had never taken a set off any of their teams before but went with new hopes.

Matt Shearer played their #1, which he had never beaten before, and on a super tiebreaker that is played after 1 set all and is the first to 10, won 10 -6!

Kevin Fu, who also had never beaten their #2, on an amazing super tiebreaker went on to win 15-13!

We now began to believe.

In the doubles, Matt and Kevin, on another super tiebreaker, through a fluke shot lost 10-8.

If we could win one more game a draw could be on the cards, however, we got close in the other games but just couldn’t pull it off and went down 4-2 in the end.

BDSC was awarded a silver medal – an amazing achievement given all the schools there were St Kents, MAGS, AGS, Kings, and Westlake, and all who had consistently won the trophy over the years.

Ethan Huff and Daniel Persson both played extremely well but unfortunately were just beaten in their singles and doubles.

PHOTOS Ethan Huff, Daniel Persson, Kevin Fu, Matt Shearer awarded Silver for schools final; Ethan Huff schools finals single

Tennis Champ of Champs

Friday 6 April

Kevin Fu played Matt Shearer in the final, and after a titanic match over 3 sets, Kevin just pipped Matt to the finish line… Kevin Fu is now the Under 16’s Boys winner for Auckland Schools. Congratulations!

In the doubles final, Matt Shearer and Daniel Persson played two St Kent’s boys.
Our boys won in straight sets. Yay!

Matt and Daniel are now the Under 16’s Doubles winners for Auckland Schools.

A good day at the office and for BDSC.

Thursday 5 April

The Tennis Champ of Champs was on today, where all the best players from around Auckland compete.

Matt Shearer and Kevin Fu were playing in the semi-finals. Matt saved 3 match points to go on and win against a St Kent’s opponent, and Kevin went on to win a very tense 4-hour match against another St Kent’s boy. Both will play each other tomorrow in the final!

In the doubles, Matt Shearer and Daniel Persson won their semi-finals and will also contest the final tomorrow.

On top of this, our Premier Team will also compete in the final against St Kent’s on Saturday at Scarbro Tennis Centre to see who is number one in Auckland.

Matt Shearer (Silver) and Kevin Fu (Gold) finalists in Singles Intermediate

PHOTOS Matt Shearer and Daniel Persson awarded Gold for Doubles Intermediate; Matt Shearer Singles Intermediate


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